Family films 'strange' creature in Hawkesbury River - but can you tell what it really is?
  Thylacine; the Improbable Tiger
  Night parrot sighting in Western Australia shocks birdwatching world
  Tasmanian tiger 'sightings' spark scientific study on Queensland's Cape York Peninsula
  Arizona Man Releases ‘Chupacabras’ Pictures
  Does the Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) Still Exist? (2016)
  Beware of creepy creatures
  'Loveland Frogman' Spotted Again?
  Talking Point: Look a tiger in the eye
  The Myth Of 19th Century Pterodactyls
  Fox hunt: Tasmania's multi-million-dollar program likely based on hoax, leaked report finds
  Byron Bay fish captures global attention after diver finds it hitching ride in jellyfish
  Byron Bay fish captures global attention after diver finds it hitching ride in jellyfish
  Meet a newly discovered family of snail-chomping carnivorous Australian marsupials
  'Thames Monster' Video: Hoax or Mammal?
  It's literally raining fish in western Queensland
  Kangaroo photos 'fundamentally misinterpreted': wildlife expert
  Ancient crocodile discovered in the Sahara was almost the size of a bus
  Bark-eating koalas chewing on gumtrees near Canberra, wildlife researchers say
  Giant killer lizard fossil shines new light on early Australians
  Is the Beast of Dartmoor back in South Devon?  Update: Hoax
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The forgotten political feud that spawned the Jersey Devil: Opinion
by Brian Regal
August 18, 2013
strange_animals0010100.jpg strange_animals001099.jpg strange_animals001098.jpg strange_animals001097.jpg strange_animals001096.jpg strange_animals001095.jpg
Rosa Praed's
"The Bunyip"
strange_animals001094.jpg strange_animals001093.jpg
Expedition by Russian Geographic Society to look for lake beast
by Sharon Hill
March 6, 2014
strange_animals001092.jpg strange_animals001091.jpg
Fantastically Wrong: The Disturbing Reality That Spawned the Mythical Jackalope
by Matt Simon
May 14, 2014
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October 29, 2014
Investigation of claims of late-surviving pterosaurs: the cases of the winged dragons of Belon, Aldrovandi, and Cardinal Barberini
by Phil Senter and Darius M. Klein
November, 2014

  Polar bear DNA from footprints in Arctic snow reveal bloody killing of seal

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  Confrontational behaviour and bipedality in deer

  Rare and terrifying frilled shark catch in Victorian waters

  Meet the Multi-Headed Caterpillar

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  Rare Omura's whale carcass find in Western Australia excites scientists
strange_animals001066.jpg strange_animals001065.jpg strange_animals001064.jpg

  'Dinosaur fish' appears in Vietnam
strange_animals001062.jpg strange_animals001061.jpg strange_animals001060.jpg strange_animals001059.jpg

  Holy mackerel! Girl, 10, attacked off beach at Lennox Head

  Is there a big black cat on the Illawarra escarpment?

  Snake eats crocodile after epic fight in Queensland

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  The Snake Lady

  Night Parrot

  True believer hopes hidden cameras will solve mystery of Tasmanian tiger
strange_animals001058.jpg strange_animals001057.jpg strange_animals001056.jpg strange_animals001055.jpg strange_animals001054.jpg strange_animals001053.jpg
My uncle, the Jersey Devil: One man's quest to set the record straight on a N.J. legend
by S.P. Sullivan
June 30, 2015
strange_animals001051.jpg strange_animals001050.jpg strange_animals001049.jpg strange_animals001048.jpg strange_animals001047.jpg strange_animals001046.jpg strange_animals001045.jpg strange_animals001044.jpg strange_animals001043.jpg strange_animals001042.jpg strange_animals001041.jpg
  Macarthur Panther: Are we really seeing large feral cats?
strange_animals001040.jpg strange_animals001039.jpg
  Tasmanian tiger sighting at Venus Bay on South Gippsland coast
strange_animals001037.jpg strange_animals001036.jpg
  New Zealand Family on Vacation Finds Black Fish with 'Legs'
  Australian birds keep deliberately starting bushfires
strange_animals001035.jpg strange_animals001034.jpg strange_animals001033.jpg
  Australia's marsupial lions 'dropped from trees' to attack prey, study finds
strange_animals001032.jpg strange_animals001031.jpg strange_animals001030.jpg strange_animals001029.jpg strange_animals001028.jpg strange_animals001027.jpg strange_animals001026.jpg strange_animals001025.jpg strange_animals001024.jpg
The truth about a strange blood-sucking monster
By Josh Gabbatiss
November 10, 2016
strange_animals001023.jpg strange_animals001022.jpg strange_animals001021.jpg
  Group claims extinct Tassie tiger may have been captured on camera
  Alligator long way from home (2008)
strange_animals001020.jpg strange_animals001019.jpg
Indirect Tracking of Drop Bears Using GNSS Technology
by Volker Janssen
December 10, 2012
  Searching for the elusive taniwha
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strange_animals001014.jpg strange_animals001013.jpg strange_animals001011.jpg
Paradox on the Queensland Frontier: Platypus, lungfish and other vagaries of nineteenth-century science (2000)
strange_animals001010.jpg strange_animals001009.jpg strange_animals001008.jpg strange_animals001007.jpg
Night Parrot
Wild-/Hairy Man
Conversations with the bunyip (2006)
29.03.2017 The Ozenkadnook Tiger Photo Revealed as a Hoax
24.03.2017 Jack the Insider: The prank that took 53 years to debunk
01.04.2013 Drop bears target tourists, study says
20.10.2012 Indirect Tracking of Drop Bears Using GNSS Technology
  Houston resident calls animal control to remove 'alligator' that turns out to be lizard
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