Victoria's Miscellaneous Creatures
The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser
(Heathcote, Vic.)
Date: February 27, 1908
Page Number: 2
A strange animal, about the size of a goat, has been seen a few times during the past two or three weeks in the bush at the rear of the Heathcote Pound and also near the main road just beyond it. It is said to be white, with long tusks, but no tail. It has made off into the bush each time it has been seen. A few days ago it was noticed by some children at the back of the Pound. The identity of the animal may, however, be established shortly.
Strange Animals
Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore, Vic.)
Date: March 5, 1908
Page Number: 3
Surely the water supply has not given out up M'Ivor way... Such an illusion could have been forgiven in the roaring fifties, but in this enlightened age never.

Kalgoorlie Miner (WA)
Date: June 13, 1922
Page Number: 2
Now and again we hear of strange looking animals roaming at large; the latest scare coming from Bairnsdale. It is reported that residents living in the bush between Clifton Creek and the Deptford (?)road, ten miles from Bairnsdale, have seen the footprints and heard the noise of a strange animal. Two school children told their parents that on their way home through the bush they had been followed by an animal such as they had never seen before. They described it as an animal the size of a small calf with a red fur, and without a tail. Footprints of the animal measure 4 inches in diameter. It is thought that there may be an escaped bear roaming in the locality.
The Horsham Times (Vic.)
Date: October 13, 1936
Page Number: 2
At Geelong Mr G. A. McDonald, of Moriac, brought in a strange animal which, alive, was temporarily accommodated in a small tin. It had the appearance of a field mouse, but had a long feather-like tail. it had pouches between its fore and hind legs on each side, and it measured about an inch and a half long. The strange creature, which looked as if it used its tail, and spread legs and pouches in flight, has not yet been classified. It was found in a hollow tree.
Feathertail Glider
Mornington Standard (Vic.)
Date: June 20, 1895
Page Number: 3
A Mr. Robert M'Kenzie, who has some land about seven miles out of Mansfield, reports that whilst out look ing at his sheep there he saw an animal resembling a lioness in shape and colour, and about the same size. He called out, and the animal turned and faced him for a full minute, and then scampered away into the bush. He had not got his rifle with him, which he greatly regretted, as this animal was quite near enough for a sure kill. He says that in all his bush experience he has never seen anything like it.
A Strange Creature.

Warwick Argus (Qld.)
Date: July 1, 1882
Page Number: 1s
The Little River correspondent of the Melbourne Daily Telegraph writes:
     "A most wonderful specimen of a lusus naturae is at present to be seen on Mr. F. W. Armytage's Wooloomana estate, near Lara, in the shape of a lamb of about five weeks old, which in travelling uses only its fore legs, carrying the hind quarters erect in the air. All parts of this peculiar looking animal appear perfectly formed, and the lamb is as active, healthy, and as vigorous as any of its fellows. The locomotion of this bipedal phenomenon is easy, indeed graceful, for notwithstanding the grotesque appearance of the animal when stationary, the upright body poised in the air balances quite steadily as the lamb frisks about. Perhaps what will seem most singular and incredible is that the lamb has never yet been heard to bleat. The strange-looking youngster has already commanded offers from persons anxious to possess the animal as a curiosity, and I understand from the manager of the estate, Mr. M'Laren, that, as numbers are so solicitous for the possession of the lamb, he is thinking letting it go to the highest purchaser. Considering that the lamb is apparently thriving well, and so unique, and I might say, without parallel as a freak of nature, some active steps should certainly be taken to secure the animal for the Zoological Gardens.
Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore, Vic.)
Date: February 23, 1933
Page Number: 2
Is it the bunyip? From Darnum on Thursday the following item was supplied the press:
     "A strange animal, supposed to be a species of bear, has caused residents on shady Creek-road some concern. Messrs T. Sturb, T. Welling and A. Ross have seen tracks, unlike those of any native animal, resembling the print of a huge hand or claw, and Mr C. O'Connor has heard weird cries at night, and his horse, paddocked near the house, became almost frantic. On Sunlday, night Mr T. Emery, a carrier from Warragul, caught sight of a huge black creature shuffling across a bush track, but it was soon beyond the range of his head lights and disappeared in the scrub. Some months ago a similarly strange creature, caused alarm in Bright district, but it was not caught, and the mystery never cleared up.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.)
Date: February 28, 1907
Page Number: 8
GRANTVILLE, Tuesday. Following on the report from Archie's Creek of a strange animal making its appearance near the township, a scare was created on the Granville Hill amongst some young couples who were out walking. A strange-looking animal came crashing through the scrub, making for the township. The young couple ran in and reported it, and a couple of men went to investigate. They met a pony, dressed in sporting breaches and coat on the forequarters and ladies' snow-white linen on the hindquarters. The pony was stripped of his garments, and the young people soon recovered from the shock.
Incident At Point Danger

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld.)
Date: February 20, 1934
Page Number: 5
Before a strange animal could terrorise the countryside as the so far unidentified Gippsland tiger-bear-jaguar did in Victoria recently, it was shot by Mr. N. C. Hewitt at Point Danger one night last week.
     Mr. Hewett heard a commotion in the trees in his yard, and killed what be believed to be a destructive opossum, but next day none of his friends could positively name the animal, which was 2ft. 6in. long, with a nose like an opossum's, a head like a fox, the teeth and whiskers of a cat, a body spotted like a leopard's, and a tail like an opossum's. The fore legs were shorter than the hind ones, conforming to the marsupial type. The claws were covered by a pad and the animal had a pouch with two teats.
     The creature was speculatively identified as an uncommonly marked opossum, a squirrel, a fox, a water hog, or a cross-bred, and one man declared that it was a new animal which had escaped overboard from a passing over-seas vessel.
Gippsland "Tiger-Bear-Jaguar"
Tiger Quoll aka Native Cat