"In Australia alone is to be found the Grotesque,
the Weird, the strange scribblings of Nature learning how to write.
Some see no beauty in our trees without shade, our flowers without perfume, our birds who cannot fly,
and our beasts who have not yet learned to walk on all fours.
But the dweller in the wilderness acknowledges the subtle charm of this fantastic land of monstrosities...
The phantasmagoria of that wild dreamland termed the Bush interprets itself..." - Marcus Clarke
Welcome to the world of the Yowieocalypse!

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Yowie Island
The Yowie habituation site north of Brisbane.
Not really an island but do Yowies really live there?
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Gayndah Circus Crash 1959
Local folklore tells of a circus crash near Gayndah in 1959 which is often cited as the cause for modern day sightings of big cats, bears, and orangutans in the area.
Did it really happen?
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LU Professor Discusses Bigfoot
Boston’s interest in Bigfoot began when one of her colleagues assigned a paper to her students about primates, and about half of the papers were about Bigfoot.
     Naturally, everyone wants to know one thing: is he real? “It is possibly plausible there is a Bigfoot,” says Boston, noting that there isn’t any empirical evidence to assert that he is, in fact, real. But, according to Boston, people will still try to investigate to prove that Bigfoot exists...

‘It was looking right at us’: Dozens of Yowie claims on South Coast
As devoted readers would know, the Eden Magnet has been writing about the legend of the ‘gorillas of Eden’ recently.
Numerous people have contacted the paper sharing their encounters with these yowies, but just as many, if not more, are highly skeptical...

It's about this time of year that we columnists at MetalTalk usually talk about what we think are the best upcoming bands on the scene at the moment and what were the most rocking events of last year.
     But if I may digress for a moment, what is going on in the mountains and woods of North America? There is certainly something odd going on there and I don't think it's Bigfoot...
What is Bigfoot and how many sightings have there been of sasquatch?
Some think Bigfoot, who is also known as sasquatch, is a descendant of an extinct giant ape, but some claim it could even be an extraterrestrial being.
Over the years there have been numerous sightings of beasts people claim to be Bigfoot. Here are some of the most famous…

Legend of Bigfoot started in Humboldt County
“June Beal told the Times-Standard that she’d been mum on the topic for nearly five decades, even as she watched it spiral out of control,” Driscoll wrote. “Finally, with Wallace’s death, she was willing to share her secret.”
     Beal was quoted as saying: “They (her husband and Wallace) were in on this hoax. It was just a fun thing and the fun got out of hand.”
Drop bears target tourists, study says (2013)
“By-products of the interaction between chemicals found in Vegemite and those found in human sweat repel drop bears,” Volker says. “Most Australians eat Vegemite at least once a day, so they permanently exude these chemicals through their skin and are thus protected.”
     Drop bears are also thought to be able to discern Australian accents, and seem to be less likely to attack people who have them...

A Review of Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman Part 1 & Part 2
It provides the full backstory to the case from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and elucidates the author’s favoured hypotheses on topics touched on in his other works but not previously discussed at length...

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TAKE A SECOND LOCH Stunned tourist captures ‘Loch Ness Monster’ swimming through waters in front of small boat in SECOND sighting this year
A TOURIST has captured a mysterious figure moving through the tranquil waters of Loch Ness in the second claimed sighting of the famous monster this year...

Is Nessie Back?
Apparently this was photographed in the vicinity on the 7th May (six days later). It has a very papier-mache look to it and one wonders if an Adrian Shine type experiment is going on?
Is Nessie Back?
THIS is the moment the fabled Loch Ness Monster was “officially” spotted for the first time this year – bringing more than eight months of uncertainty to an end...

A Hideous Hobgoblin (1881)

Another bunyip or yahoo, or some other weirdly creature (1882)
Old Times in Portland (1884)

South Sea Islander community confronts fears of yowies and ghosts with night walk

The walk was not just about confronting the tales of spirits; it was about bringing the younger generations together and teaching them their history.
     Despite being home to many, there is still a lingering fear in Joskeleigh, but local man Dean Edmund said there was nothing to worry about...

Houston resident calls animal control to remove 'alligator' that turns out to be lizard

Despite the absurd incident, Kroboth said it was not the strangest call she's had.

"Last year I had a call for an alligator trapped on a back porch," Kroboth said. "The caller said the alligator had a long tail and sharp teeth. It turned out to be an opossum."


Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis of ground nests attributed to sasquatch on Olympic Peninsula.
Cost is approximately $1000 per sample.
[* Every donation helps - get on board, believers and skeptics alike.]

Do you believe this man's yowie story?

"I had an interest in strange happenings since I was a kid," Tim said.
"But it peaked in 1994 when I went camping in some mountains near Canberra and I saw a creature, which at the time I had no idea what it was and it completely freaked me out, but when I came back and told people about it they said to me, 'You've seen the yowie'."

Why are Russians still searching for Bigfoot?

Countless enthusiasts have searched for the Yeti in North America and Europe. But what about Russia? The country’s vast forests and huge mountains have barely been explored, so who knows - perhaps the big furry beast is hiding out in the Motherland?

‘Bigfoot’ causes panic in Gadag village

The discovery of unusual footprints in Antur village of Gadag has caused panic and excitement among villagers who believe an alien may have landed in their backyard. To lend weight to their conspiracy theory, some villagers claim to have heard a heavy breathing at around 2 am on Sunday and some 20-30 large footprints, which do not resemble anything they have seen previously...

Wandering shaman 'mistaken' for Bigfoot in North Carolina

A self-described shaman says a strange creature reportedly spotted in the hills of North Carolina last week was actually him dressed in animal skins. The 36-year-old, who was on holiday from Minnesota, writes on his blog about his personal belief in Bigfoot, or "the divine nature of sasquatch", as he calls it. He writes that by dressing in sewn animal skins, and by reciting a "sasquatch prayer", he has had several encounters with the beast...

For Bigfoot hunters, 'nightlife' takes on new meaning

"This is free entertainment to us," Russell said, gesturing to the potentially cryptid-infested woods around him. "It's either this or sit home and watch TV - but this here, you're actually living it."

On the Hunt for the British Bigfoot

The Americans' view is that Britain isn't big enough to sustain a Bigfoot population and it's ridiculous that British people might think it exists here. The counter argument is that "our Bigfoot is slightly smaller, so you can have more of them here"...

‘Sinful’ scientist Jane Goodall isn’t ruling out Sasquatch

Goodall said she’s heard many stories from people who have no reason to lie about a Sasquatch sighting. And that makes her believe.
“It’s bizarre that we’ve never found any remains,” Goodall said. “Maybe it’s a spiritual creature. The closest I come when I think about ‘what could it be’ is like the remnant of Neanderthals.”...

This Man Searched for the Yeti for 60 Years—and Found It

The deep mystery at our core is that we want to be connected to the great beyond. And we need symbols to help us understand the connection. That’s why we believe in God or angels or the Loch Ness Monster. Throughout human history, and across human cultures, we have developed messengers from the great beyond. Ultimately, that’s what the Yeti is...

Bigfoot in the Carolinas? Chupacabra? ‘People see what they want to see’

Ray went out to look into a report of Bigfoot prints in Burke County behind a man’s house, he said.
“There were broken limbs in the woods and at least two footprints in the mud,” Ray said. “I told him, ‘This is a hoax, sir – either you’re trying to pull a fast one on me, or someone’s pulling a fast one on you.”

Bigfoot in the Carolinas? Chupacabra? ‘People see what they want to see’

It could have been anything – maybe another animal, a couple rocks falling or maybe I imagined it. No one else heard anything. But, in my mind, I’m sure. I heard something clap back, ever so faintly.
It wasn’t enough to turn me into a Bigfoot believer, but it made me want to believe. It also made me wonder: Why do people believe in Bigfoot?