"In Australia alone is to be found the Grotesque,
the Weird, the strange scribblings of Nature learning how to write.
Some see no beauty in our trees without shade, our flowers without perfume, our birds who cannot fly,
and our beasts who have not yet learned to walk on all fours.
But the dweller in the wilderness acknowledges the subtle charm of this fantastic land of monstrosities...
The phantasmagoria of that wild dreamland termed the Bush interprets itself..." - Marcus Clarke
Welcome to the world of the Yowieocalypse!

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So much for the abominable snowman. Study finds that ‘yeti’ DNA belongs to bears

Of the nine “yeti” samples, eight turned out to be from bears native to the area, the researchers report today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The other sample came from a dog. Similar studies of hair samples supposedly related to North America’s big hairy hominid, the sasquatch (aka Bigfoot), have revealed that those fibers came from bears, horses, dogs, and a variety of other creatures—even a human...

Evolutionary history of enigmatic bears in the Tibetan Plateau–Himalaya region and the identity of the yeti

Complete Report

Woman with ties to Nebraska Bigfoot Conference claims to have seen creature along I-80
The sighting has caused a bit of a stir on social media, with people making jokes about the hairy guy. But it’s also raising questions about the motives of those who reported it...

Yowie? Panther? Community terrorised by mystery creature

"It has come down to yowies and black panthers," she said. "When I looked into the (neighbour's) yard, I could see (the guinea fowls) getting attacked by - you're gonna' love this - an unseen predator..."
However yesterday it seems the mystery creature was identified - Ms McCullock posted to Facebook again and said the attacks were actually caused by a pack of wild dogs and dingoes...


Family films 'strange' creature in Hawkesbury River - but can you tell what it really is?

It looked human the way it lifted its head up,” Mr Ada told Yahoo7 News. “It was very strange, we saw it for about 10 seconds." The Greystanes kebab shop owner said he quickly pulled his leg inside the boat when the animal began flapping around...

Wacky comedian claims he has Bigfoot’s HEAD in his freezer after his dad shot the beast in 1953… so do you believe him?

Peter Caine, from New York, released the questionable clip on YouTube – where believers praised and thanked him for “vindicating” them.
Despite its comical appearance, Peter insists the “head” is real...


Prey torn limb from limb, chilling howls at night and huge paw prints left behind in the mud: Is this proof the YOWIE exists?

This is the same account as Yowie? Panther? Community terrorised by mystery creature (below) as published in the UK -- overly sensationalised and fails to reveal the actual culprits (wild dogs and dingoes) but it does provide a fascinating insight into how "Yowie Research" operates...


More on the Sunshine Coast Yowie:
Juvenile yowie discovered: Is this proof they exist?
Yowie hunters claim success in Sunshine Coast hinterland


Thousands Of People Are Hunting For The Yowie And They Reckon They’re Onto Something

More on the Sunshine Coast Yowie:
Despite his dedication to the cause, Dave isn’t a fan of the Australian Yowie Researchers — the mob that runs He suspects that many of them are just in it for fame and media attention, and that the evidence they offer up is misleading or false...


I’m A Celeb campmates left TERRIFIED by Oz ‘Yeti’

Celebs are living in fear that the violent snarling beast will invade their camp while they are sleeping after hearing scare stories from local production crew...
Upcoming events -
A.C.R.O. Jimna QLD Yowie donation campout at Jimna, QLD
Saturday, 3 February 2018 from 12:00 PM - Sunday, 4 February 2018 to 4:00 PM

The Australian Yowie - Where the Bloody Hell are ya? is part debate, part discussion and part exploration of Cryptozoology research. Tony Healy and Sharon Hill will unpack this fascinating topic as both share an interest in Cryptozoology. Paul Cropper will join them as host and moderator for what will be a lively and passionate discussion.
Paracon Australia 2018 at Q Station, Manly, NSW
June 17 - 10AM to 12NOON - $25
The Amber Witch (1844)

Satan had really appeared to her on the mountains in the shape of a hairy giant...


Paradigm Shifts and the Search for Relict Hominoids (2017)

As I knelt beside those astonishing prints, all too aware of that negative indictment and the treatment of those scientists who open-mindedly and seriously considered the evidence, I asked myself, “Do you really want to go down this path?” But faced with what seemed to me compelling evidence of the potential for such a relict species, how could I possibly turn away from it?

Wildlife Biologist and Sasquatch Researcher John Bindernagel Dies

John Bindernagel, 76, passed away during the evening of January 17, 2018...
He published a book in 1998 entitled North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch, and later in 2010, The Discovery of Bigfoot...
Idaho State University professor featured in Sasquatch documentary on Netflix

Meldrum said he has received some criticism for appearing in “Discovering Bigfoot” with Standing. However, Meldrum said that it’s important to investigate and vet all possible sightings. He also said that appearing in the documentary is not indicative of an endorsement of Standing’s work...

Reaching out for Sasquatch

The Lapseritises’ Psychic Sasquatch Spritiual Retreat and Conference draws hundreds as they look to connect with Sasquatch…
Further reading - Kewaunee Lapseritis: Bigfoot Told Me He Works the Mines for Inter-Dimensional Alien Environmentalists