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"In Australia alone is to be found the Grotesque,
the Weird, the strange scribblings of Nature learning how to write.
Some see no beauty in our trees without shade, our flowers without perfume, our birds who cannot fly,
and our beasts who have not yet learned to walk on all fours.
But the dweller in the wilderness acknowledges the subtle charm of this fantastic land of monstrosities...
The phantasmagoria of that wild dreamland termed the Bush interprets itself..." - Marcus Clarke
Welcome to the world of the Yowieocalypse!

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Rex Gilroy - The Original Yowie Man
The George Gray Yowie Unmasked

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Impacts, mega-tsunami, and other extraordinary claims
That time US soldiers pretended to be vampires
This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?
The Girls Who Tried to Kill for Slender Man
Brazil's Mediums Channel Dead Artists
The Roanoke Island Colony: Lost, and Found?
Where Seekers and Spiritualists Converge
It Ain't Necessarily So
Not All Strange Burials Are Vampires Or Zombies
Nothing to be Afraid of in the bush
The legacy of implanted Satanic abuse ‘memories’
Displacing Misinformation about Events
My uncle, the Jersey Devil
KFC Plagued By Urban Legends Fueled by Psychology
Spiritualization and reaffirmation: What really happens when prophecy fails
Driving towards Bigfoot
Ancient Greeks Were Afraid of Zombies
Excessive Attention Seeking and Drama Addiction
Texans keep reporting clouds as UFOs
Napoleon's getaway ship 'found in Queensland'
The Examined Lie: A meditation on memory
Hallucinations and delusions more common than thought
Charlie Charlie Challenge explained: not a Mexican demon being summoned
Why teen brains are wired to love ‘Charlie Charlie’ and the supernatural
The benefits of having a lake monster
Sussex Folklore: The Leaf Man hiding in Sussex woods
Black magic on Red Square
Bigfoot Crossing: Strange Signs In PA
'Roswell Alien' Photo Likely a Baby Mummy
Where have all the ghosts gone?
Couple behind fake skeletons on chair in River
The science of ghost hunting: Parapsychology 'will eventually disappear'
Ouija Celebrates its 125th Anniversary
‘They are all complicit’: Cancer researcher Dr Darren Saunders slams Belle Gibson’s ‘enablers’
Belle Gibson: ‘No, None of it is true'
Boaters say they saw Ogie
Double-Exposure in the Back Seat
Panel tackles question of existence of ghosts
Man says photo at center of Civil War mystery is a 30-year-old hoax he did as a teen
Steve Strong’s Egyptian stone tablet from Sydney debunked
Satanic Ritual Abuse
The Excluded Middle: A Skeptic Explores the Extraordinary
Beautiful lies my father told me
Real-Life Vampires Exist: Researchers Are Studying Them

 Sea Serpent

The Naked Yowie Project
Yowie Island
The Yowie habituation site north of Brisbane.
Not really an island but do Yowies really live there?
Coming Soon:
Gayndah Circus Crash 1959
Local folklore tells of a circus crash near Gayndah in 1959 which is often cited as the cause for modern day sightings of big cats, bears, and orangutans in the area.
Did it really happen?
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My Kid Could Paint That (2007)

"... its not that there’s no such thing as truth but we come to like and trust a certain story not necessarily because it’s the most absolutely truthful but because it’s a thing we tell ourselves which makes sense of the world at least at this moment…"

Loch Ness Monster

Follows the development of the Loch Ness Monster story as presented by the Australian print media.

** UPDATED:June 1934 - It's True!, Peculiar Insurances, They Say..., "Resembles Nothing Now Living", Loch Ness Thrives, A Fool Born Every Minute

Brisbane River Monsters

Follows historical reports of monsters real and imagined in the Brisbane River.

Care for a swim?

** UPDATED: 1901-2 - Fight With a Shark in the River, Sharks in the River, Bitten by a Shark, Latest Fish Story

Searching for the Valley’s Bigfoot

You hear and see things that you can’t explain,” he said.

Oswell said he had left his camp with clementines on a picnic table. He was the only one camping in the area, but upon his return he found all the clementines peeled.

Kanney one time left jars of peanut butter at a campsite to see what would happened. The jars were tightly sealed. When he return one was missing, some had the lids removed.

The Australian Yowie: Mysterious Legends of a Tribe of Hairy People

In 1804, the book Modern Geography – a Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States and Colonies: with the Oceans, Seas and Isles: In all Parts of the World was published by John Pinkerton.  In it there is a comment regarding a population of Aborigines that shared Sydney Harbor with another tribe.  They were described as flat-nosed with wide nostrils; thick eyebrows and sunken eyes.  Their mouths were of ‘prodigious width’ with thick lips and prominent jaws.  The Aborigines regarded them as another people entirely: the Yahoos or Yowies meaning “hairy people”.

** [Pinkerton's Modern Geography is available free online.

Trek to discover truth about Yeti foiled by Taliban

An expedition led by one of the world’s most acclaimed mountaineers to find out once and for all whether the yeti really exists has been thwarted by the Taliban.

He was hoping to gather evidence in support of a theory put forward by Oxford University scientists that the yeti, long thought to be a hairy hominid that walks on two legs, could in fact be an ancient hybrid of a brown bear and a polar bear.

Cryptozoology and Myth, Part 1: The Illusion of Facticity in Unknown Animal Reports

If we interpret the tales of sea and lake monsters simply as anomaly zoology, cherry-picking just the naturalistic sounding bits to support ideas for real animals, we miss a huge part of the value of the story. The stories themselves are the value. However, when the story is taken at face value to suggest there is something hidden and mysterious in the world, the Fortean approach fails to account for the multiple cultural factors that are in play.

Russian artist claims he had a close encounter with a YETI…which even posed long enough for him to paint a picture

* Andrey Lyubchenko said he met the Yeti while walking in the wilderness

* The artist claimed he was not afraid when he was approached by the beast

* He claimed he did not have a camera and instead drew him with a pencil

* Lyubchenko said he was not crazy and does not take drink or illegal drugs

Dr. Matthew Johnson, Multi-Dimensional Portals, and Bigfoot Dream Visitations

Perhaps it’s because we’re unable to fully explain so much about them that we feel the need to make up fantastic stories as way of resolving our unanswered questions? I don’t really know, but we need to ‘check’ ourselves from falling prey to far-fetched stories that are based more on ‘feelings’ and ’emotional experiences’ than real-life facts.

Yeti shenanigans from Siberia – 2015 edition
The Siberian Times has a new ridiculous story about a Yeti footprint. This story is on the heels of a recent tale of a telepathic yeti.
The alleged footprint – twice the size of a man’s – was spotted close to the Mras-Su River in Kemerovo region, Russia’s main area for alleged Yeti sightings. Denis Alexandrov, 12, saw the giant’s mark as he wandered around his campsite with other children early in the morning.


The Queen and the Loch Ness monster: a murky tale of myth, nature and spin
But those who knew Sir Peter argue it is easy to forget the spirit of zoological discovery that existed at the time and the global fascination with the Loch Ness Monster that raged in the 1960s. As well as Buckingham Palace, the interest even reached space when a Parliamentary debate on how to preserve Nessie was apparently broadcast to Apollo 11 astronauts en route to the moon.

Bigfoot “London footprints” declared a hoax
2012: I think it’s probably safe to say that the London Footprints are the most significant footprint find in the last 40 years.  They certainly represent the largest collection of data ever retrieved from any single bigfoot site, ever.

2015: At first, I was convinced the tracks were real.  Now, after more than two years of closely examining them, I have my doubts.  I have since started experimenting with fake tracks to see if I can duplicate what I see in the London Trackway, and a research paper is in progress detailing my findings.


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Cryptozoology and Myth (continued)


Part 3: Hiding in the cold, dark water until Judgment Day


Part 2: Lake Monster Tropes


A Reassembly of Ketchum Raw Data:
Can You Turn a Bear Sow’s Ear into a Sasquatch Silk Purse?
Dr. Melba Ketchum, DVM, continues to appear on radio and TV shows expounding on her great discovery to mostly sensationalist interviewers. Science is based on a foundation of past work (“old news”), but only good, validated work, which is required to be cited as relevant references in each published scientific paper. Faulty results and conclusions need to be exposed and retracted, like polywater and cold fusion.

Giant killer lizard fossil shines new light on early Australians
As if life wasn't hard enough during the last Ice Age, a new study has found Australia's first human inhabitants had to contend with giant killer lizards. Researchers working in Central Queensland were amazed when they unearthed the first evidence that Australia's early human inhabitants and giant apex predator lizards had overlapped.

The Folk Art And Material Culture of the Sasquatch Phenomena (2013) 
So what is it that makes people WANT to believe in Sasquatch? Why are images of Sasquatch found in so many places, from the mass media, to individual artists, to objects mass produced and available on the internet? What is the need that drives us to want to believe that there may be a large, man-like, hairy creature that is smart enough to stay out of our sight? Lacking a body, or any real “proof”

WHY do we WANT to believe?

Cryptozoology and Myth (continued)
Part 4:  Crypto-zoologizing the natives’ magic monster
It seems logical to look for additional evidence from history.
But it’s not as logical as it seems. Instead, to make such a claim is overly simplistic, shows a lack of knowledge about folklore and culture, and is disrespectful as well as being a bad argument to support crypto-claims. This post provides additional support for why using native folklore to support cryptids is not sound. To remove these beasts from their native context is to do them a great injustice.


A Yowie Hunt in Kenilworth
The administrators of the Sunshine Coast Yowie Research Facebook page said the encounter was not an isolated one – there have been two confirmed and 36 unconfirmed sightings on the Sunshine Coast in the past 12 months.
They describe Kenilworth as a Yowie sighting “hot spot”.
He said sightings were only classed as “confirmed” if accompanied by such evidence or actual sightings by the researchers themselves.


Cryptozoology and Myth (continued)
Part 5: Which came first – the monster or the myth?
We simply should not be equating native folklore stories with a true cryptid destined to be discovered and classified by science.
For example, it is a serious error, often committed by journalists and monster fans, to suppose that one mysterious creature accounts for all Nessie sightings. That’s absurd. We can certainly consider logs, several known animals, waves, and hoaxes, at the very least in the run down of possible explanations. To say that all reports can be attributed to A “Nessie” – a flesh and blood creature – is a naive and wrong conclusion.