"In Australia alone is to be found the Grotesque,
the Weird, the strange scribblings of Nature learning how to write.
Some see no beauty in our trees without shade, our flowers without perfume, our birds who cannot fly,
and our beasts who have not yet learned to walk on all fours.
But the dweller in the wilderness acknowledges the subtle charm of this fantastic land of monstrosities...
The phantasmagoria of that wild dreamland termed the Bush interprets itself..." - Marcus Clarke
Welcome to the world of the Yowieocalypse!

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The Naked Yowie Project
Yowie Island
The Yowie habituation site north of Brisbane.
Not really an island but do Yowies really live there?
Coming Soon:
Gayndah Circus Crash 1959
Local folklore tells of a circus crash near Gayndah in 1959 which is often cited as the cause for modern day sightings of big cats, bears, and orangutans in the area.
Did it really happen?

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The Wild Man of Tallarook 1880

The re-appearance on Thursday of the mysterious individual who for a series of years has haunted the Tallarook Ranges, and the subsequent discovery of his caves, created quite an excitement in the neighbourhood. On Sunday upwards of 50 persons visited the gully and examined the caves. So identified had the stranger become with the place where his habitations have been found, that it was popularly known as "The Wild Man's Gully."




It's literally raining fish in western Queensland

It's often said to be pouring cats and dogs but in outback Queensland it appears to have been raining fish.

Much-needed rain drenched drought-ravaged western parts of the state this week, bringing some unexpected scaly visitors.

Following falls on Thursday, Tahnee Oakhill snapped footage of her family finding small fish at their remote cattle station 70km northwest of Winton.




Journal of an Exploring Expedition to the Eastward of Northam (1861)

This morning on further conversation, these men gave us an account of some strange animal they call Jungra and Jimbra, male and female, which they describe as a very large strong animal of the monkey tribe, very fierce, and will attack them when single, kill them, and eat them. They were asked if the Jimbra or Jungra in any way descirbled Ginka or the devil. They replied that the devil was never seen, but that the others were both seen and felt by some of them.




Science Behind Bigfoot

Tracking Bigfoot in Oklahoma...




'Thames Monster' Video: Hoax or Mammal?

If what’s depicted in the video is in fact alive — and not, for example, only residing as a video effects file on a desktop somewhere — it’s unlikely to be a single enormous creature, as it appears to be in the video. Instead it’s more likely to be two smaller animals traveling together, one in front of the other but creating the illusion of one long, multi-humped serpentine form.





Reports of the Wild/Hairy Man part 12 1885-1889

The Great Gorilla in the Sydney Museum
A Wild Night of Horror
The Jingera Yahoo
Capture of the "Hairy Man"
Legend of the Hairy Man





A 'monster' is found lurking in the depths of Loch Ness...but bizarre shape spotted by a robo-sub is actually a long-lost film prop

- Kongsberg Maritime's 'Munin' drone has imaged the bed of Loch Ness

- 'Most in depth survey' has found no evidence of a rumoured deep trench

- There were hopes the monster could be hiding in an deep part of the loch

- However, more results of the survey are expected to be released soon






Finding Bigfoot S03E08 Australian Yowie (2012)




Why do we need to look for Bigfoot? (2010)

Fictional as these creatures probably are, they serve their purpose psychologically, Sharf said.

"We need these stories to teach us about what we are going to come against in life and how to overcome it"...





Dreaming of DNA: Review of Sykes’ Bigfoot, Yeti and the last Neanderthal
Sykes himself badly needed a anthropologist, a wildlife biologist, an anatomist or zoologist, folklorist, and probably a psychologist to set him straight in areas where he was way out of his knowledge zone. I contend that we aren’t dealing with a zoological enigma here, but a cultural one (or more than one) and this book strongly supports that claim. Various informed views should be consulted.

Sykes handed researchers a big letdown regarding their wing-and-a-prayer samples, but also provided a path forward for them. If there IS evidence out there, it can be collected and, if certified, convincing to the world.


The New Farn Shark Attack of 1862: Fact or Fiction?
One of the earliest recorded fatal attacks (although there must have been plenty during the millennia of previous Aboriginal activity in the Moreton Bay region) took place in December 1862, but it has to go down as ‘unconfirmed’ because there was no official record created. It involved Aboriginal people, who at the time were still ‘outside the system’, so there was no death certificate, no police report, and no cemetery funeral to be had.


Playing the Ghost
The elaborate nature of the costuming and the care taken by the hoaxers to create a sense of theatre around their exploits gives us an insight into how important this sense of transgression was to hoaxers who routinely risked arrest, disgrace and vigilantism to ‘become’ ghosts. What better way to challenge class, Enlightenment values and the social order than to become a symbol of death (in some cases literally, given the high toxicity of phosphorescent paint) to terrify people beyond reason.


Whatever happened to the Loch Ness monster?
After 80 years the Loch Ness monster lingers on, mostly as a gift to cartoonists and the Scottish tourist industry but with the occasional enigmatic new photograph to enthral the shrinking band of believers. Today, scepticism prevails and it has been several decades since there was a serious organised monster-watch involving teams with high-powered cameras observing the loch over a period of months.


Loch Ness Monster hunter insists we're the closest we have ever been to proving Nessie is real
"I think what is in Loch Ness that has caused all these sightings is animate and there is more than one, which is backed up by the sightings and those of similar creatures in other Scottish lochs and lakes around the world.
"It may well be a cat fish, it might be a sturgeon or a giant eel. Something like that offers the most plausible explanation so far, but until we find a carcass or somebody catches something we are left guessing. That is part of the mystery..."


Meet a newly discovered family of snail-chomping carnivorous Australian marsupials
“Uniquely among mammals, it appears to have had an insatiable appetite for escargot — snails in the whole shell. Its most striking feature was a huge, extremely powerful, hammer-like premolar that would have been able to crack and then crush the strongest snail shells in the forest."
The ferret-sized marsupials were found in an area which has been producing regular amazing finds.


Searching for the Yowie, the Down Under Bigfoot
In addition to animals, there are numerous other possibilities: hoaxes, including those of a diminutive man who wore a hairy suit with bicycle-reflector eyes; claims made by persons with fantasy-prone personalities and by ubiquitous attention seekers; real wild men, like a bearded, naked, mentally disturbed man mistaken for a Yowie; and many other possibilities, including simple hallucinations and apparitional experiences. For example, “waking dreams” that occur between wakefulness and sleep may explain some cases of persons waking to see a Yowie looking at them. Again, like sightings of ghosts—typically seen when the percipient is tired, performing routine work, daydreaming, or the like—a Yowie’s image may well up from the subconscious and be superimposed on the visual scene.