In Australia alone is to be found the Grotesque,
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Follows the birth and rise of the Loch Ness Monster mythos as it was reported in Australian newspapers.
Bjarne Sjöstrand, 52, spotted a long, thin object looming in the water as he scoured Google Earth from his home computer in Stockholm - 800 miles away from the Scottish Highlands.
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Collection of modern and historical reports of strange animals from Oz and abroad.
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Care for a swim?
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International Hairy-Man Info
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Even as a hoax, the Patterson-Gimlin film is perhaps the most honest film ever made.
Keep up to date with news from Oz and abroad.
So far, the company has minimal sales and assets of $6,342, including less than $650 in cash as of the end of October.
Fantasy & Reality Entwined
Documentaries of strange real life.
Henry Hoke was an inventor, engineer and scientist from the remote Australian town of Hoke's Bluff. Enigmatic and unrecognised, Henry Hoke's restless energy produced a stream of brilliant, often unrealised inventions.
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Tantanoola Tiger
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Hairy Humour
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George Gray's Yowie
H.J. McCooey
Previously on Yowieocalypse:
F.A. Mitchell-Hedges
Gayndah Circus Crash 1959
Local folklore tells of a circus crash near Gayndah in 1959 which is often cited as the cause for modern day sightings of big cats, bears, and orangutans in the area.
Did it really happen?
Yowie Island
The Yowie habituation site north of Brisbane.
Not really an island but do Yowies really live there?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    —Marcus Clarke 

Welcome to the world of Yowieocalypse !

the Weird, the strange scribblings of Nature learning how to write.
Some see no beauty in our trees without shade, our flowers without perfume, our birds who cannot fly,
and our beasts who have not yet learned to walk on all fours.
But the dweller in the wilderness acknowledges the subtle charm of this fantastic land of monstrosities...
The phantasmagoria of that wild dreamland termed the Bush interprets itself...
01.01.2015 - The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke
01.01.2015 - Monstrous Giant from Botany Bay (1789)
01.01.2015 - The Hairy Wild Man of Botany Bay (1802)
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14.01.2015 - Man scoops prize despite NEVER visiting Scotland