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Cave Monster of Booie
Yowie / Bigfoot &/or Strange Animals

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld.)
Date: June 4, 1954
Page Number: 1
     The "cave monster" of Boole, 10 miles north-east of Kingaroy, remains a mystery; despite searches by armed bushman.
     A fortnight ago three local teenage youths were walking on the property of a grazier, Mr J. Perrett.
     Mr Perrett said: "The youths came across a cave about five miles north of my house. They told me they heard a strange growling from inside. They said that something as tall as a man with two hairy legs and a tail reaching to the ground, came out. It was covered with hair or fur of a dull, grey colour."
     Mr Perrett said the youths explained that the "thing" appeared to have an apron hanging in front. The youths made off smartly with the "monster " following for a short while.
     Search parties have discovered dingo and kangaroo tracks in the vicinity of the cave.
     Cynical bushmen believed the youths saw an angered old man kangaroo, which could be taller than a man and which emits growling noises when disturbed.
cave_monster_of_booie001001.jpg old_man_roo.jpg
Old Man Roo

The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW)
Date: June 6, 1954
Page Number: 2
KINGAROY, Saturday.
     Police believe that the Queensland peanut town of Kingaroy (8,000 population) is the victim of a "monster" hoax.
     It all began when three youths came face to face with an unearthly creature about 6ft tall, with hairy legs and a long tail, and wearing an apron.
     They saw the "monster" charge from the gloom of a cave at Booie, 10 miles north-east of Kingaroy.
     Breathlessly they told their story.
     Since then bushmen and townspeople have been talking of armed hunting parties to kill "The Thing."
     Many people have condemned this move and have urged that "The Thing" should be trapped alive for the benefit of science.
     To-day on the quiet, rolling pastures of Mt. Hope cattle station, where the three youths sighted "The Thing," there were no hunting parties and little speculation.
     Verdict of Mt. Hope owner, Mr. J. Perrett, was "It's an old man kangaroo."
     A police officer: "Our guess is that someone with a kangaroo-skin outfit in this district is having a good laugh."