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Centre for Fortean Zoology to Investigate Yowie Attack?

 By Ed Skoda December 13, 2011


                    Tuesday, 29 November 2011

                    Dean Harrison talks about his terrifying yowie encounter



When I first saw this I thought that the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) was finally going to investigate Dean Harrison’s incredible claim to have been attacked and “thrown threw (sic) the air 12ft” by a 7ft Yowie. It would be interesting to see how an independent investigation is carried out and whether they could possibly reach a different conclusion than mine – namely, that the incident was a hoax fabricated by Harrison himself.


Yowie Tales Tall or True?
by Ed Skoda May 6, 2012

2012 is proving to be another slow year once again for the Yowie with no sightings independently reported in the Australian media yet there is BIG news from the backchannels. While it was thought that no photographs of the Yowie were in existence it turns out that there are two (and possibly more) dating back to 1998 in the latest book by Gympie-based “researcher” Brett  Green. One can be seen on the cover (right).

Is this tangible evidence for one of the greatest zoological discoveries of all time? Why isn’t the world media beating a path to Brett Green’s door?


Wow-wee while looking for the Yowie
By Darren Cartwright, National Entertainment Writer
Updated May 24, 2012, 3:13 pm
A group of US researchers from Animal Planet say they have discovered something that will "blow your mind" while looking for the legendary Yowie in Australia.
Renowned Bigfoot hunters Matt Moneymaker and James 'Bobo' Fay have joined forces with Cliff Barackman and field biologist Ranae Holland to track down the Yowie in New South Wales and Queensland.
The expedition is part of the third season of Finding Bigfoot, which airs on Animal Planet.

Updated: Animal Planet TV crew capture audio they believe proves existence of yowies

Updated: Rex is looking for a local Yowie

Updated: Yowies living near Lismore

Panthers, yowie men and a headless roo, the real X-files of New South Wales

By Patrick Lion

The Daily Telegraph

June 04, 2012  12:01PM

•Government archives opened under Freedom of Information

•Yowie sighting reported in western suburbs of Sydney

In an email to National Parks and Wildlife Service rangers, the witness said he had filmed the creature in March last year and taken photos of footprints. He even drew the yowie man's head, pecs, arms and feet on the picture to make it clearer.

"I have had a seven-year history with this creature," the witness wrote.


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Updated: ES (NW) 13.10.2012
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'All three world level universities have finished DNA analysis of the hair and said that the hair belongs to a creature which is closer by its biological parameters to Homo sapiens than a monkey. The Yeti's DNA is evidently less than one per cent different to that of a human.'

ES (NW) 16.11.2012
Update: Source of Brett Green's Yowie Hoax Revealed!
NW (May 6th, 2012 at 7:31 pm): “if the images are shown to be fake that it represents the tip of the iceberg of the subculture of Yowie fakery in Australia”
ES (NW) 11.12.2012
Sense and Nonsensibility:
Review and Update of Brett Green’s Photograph of an Alleged Yowie Photograph

Mike Williams (CFZAustralia): "The model, BASED on the book does not match the bookcover 100%. But that doesn’t matter in wacky world of dumb pseudo “sceptics”…

"Keep digging that hole. Hilarious…   :) "


ES (NW) 18.12.2012
Mulgowie Yowie

"...stock losses where the calves are being “carried” and dumped after being torn in half."


ES (NW) 05.06.2013
hear_ye001016.jpg hear_ye001014.jpg
The Clear Mountain Yowie Revealed !
ES (NW) 14.06.2013

"I am the
Clear Mountain Yowie!"


Bexhill Yowie 2013
ES (NW) 21.06.2013

"All I can remember was seeing this large black object with a solid build, lanky legs and long lanky arms."



"These are classic traits... I have spoken to over 100 people who have seen a yowie and I feel they have had genuine experiences."


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Brett Green's Yowie Photographs Lifted
From BBC's "Walking With Beasts"
Updated: ES (NW) 23.08.2013
"Face photo was used on page 2 and under the photo was the text.
'Cover Image Illustration © B J Green.'"
Yowieocalypse withdraws from this story as of now.
hear_ye001002.jpg hear_ye001001.jpg
Mike Williams: He started his line of communication with Dean with words to the effect of "admit your a liar to me or I wll do an article telling the world you are a liar" Thats honest research is it tiger.?”
Storytelling & the Yowie
"Honest research" according to Harrison and Williams...