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"Strange Animal" 1910
Yowie / Bigfoot &/or Strange Animals

The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW)
Date: June 1, 1910
Page Number: 2
A Wuuluman correspondent writes to the "Wellington Times":
     "While some of our local rabbit trappers were going their rounds on Saturday night last one of them had to go through a thick scrub on Mr. L. Crawley's property. He had just secured a rabbit, and was re-setting the trap, when he was startled by the growling of his dogs. Looking round he was rooted to the spot with horror to find a strange-looking animal gazing at him. It is described as being something in the shape of a man, with long shaggy hair; tusks, resembling those of an old boar pig, projecting: about four inches from the mouth. On his hands and foot were long horny spikes, resembling a goat's horns and a long smooth tail. The trapper seized his lantern and bolted towards Mr. Crawley's homestead. Coming to the top of a steep hill, he paused to get wind, being exhausted, when he discovered the animal close behind him. He put the dogs on to it, but the animal, throwing out his leg, pinned one of the dogs with his spikes and started devouring it. Seeing his chance the trapper made good his escape. This fierce animal was seen again on Monday in the rough hills of Mr. A. Tucker's property, east of the Federal gold mine, by a party of prospectors."