Myambat Monster
The Myambat Monster Is Run to Earth

Singleton Argus (NSW)
Date: November 24, 1950
Page Number: 3
LOCH NESS may have its monster, Murrurundi may revel in the short-lived glory of its bunyip of the swamp . . . but Denman is still having a quiet chuckle about the "monster" of Myambat. This "monster" was a closely guarded secret until it was captured recently by a staff sergeant in the military camp. Sentries had reported a strange creature flittering through the trees "uttering blood-curdling cries like a human being in pain."

The staff sergeant detailed to capture the strange animal made his plans and slept with a coiled lariat under his pillow. Immediately the alarm was given he dashed out and with unerring aim settled the lariat round the "monster's" neck. There was a brief struggle and there was pulled into the light of the sentry's lamp a very frightened and pathetic—koala!
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