Escaped Baboon

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA)
Date: April 24, 1907
Page Number: 7
An exciting incident was witnessed at Port Adelaide on Tueaday afternoon. Between 4 and 5 o'clock it was discovered that a baboon, belonging to Broncho George and his roughriders, who have during the week been performing at Port Adelaide, had escaped. The creature had unbuckled its strap from its neck, and thus gained its freedom, and was soon parading the streets amidst the excitement of children. Several of the roughriders mounted their horses bare-backed and gave chase, and soon a large crowd took part in the hunt, including cyclists, men on horseback, and children. The creature careered at first down Commercial-road, thence into St. Vincent street. It entered the Government railway yards, and from there directed its course towards Alberton, near the Port Adelaide school, thence down the Junction-road to Rosewater, where it made off towards the old Cheltenham racecourse, and afterwards concealed itself in a house at Finsbury Park. Shortly after gaining its freedom the baboon entered Messrs. Walter & Morris' sawmills, but was hunted out. Whilst it was trying to evade capture it knocked over several children, and frightened more by snatching their hats and caps. At Finsbury Park the cunning animal entered a house and locked itself securely inside, and then began to ransack the room by overturning a safe, tables, and chairs. The people outside, on ascertaining that they were helpless, obtained a pea rifle and shot the animal in the leg, whereupon it imme- diately made its exit. After having missiles of all descriptions thrown at it, even an axe, the animal entered an old house near Woodville, where it was securely locked up for the night. The baboon is between 4 and 5 ft. in height, and is said to be perfectly harmless. It has no teeth, and amuses itself by playing with children. This is not the first occasion on which the animal had escaped, for some time ago it managed to get away when the company were at Broken Hill, and after an exciting chase was captured. On that occasion it entered several houes, but finding no hiding place there its attention was directed to the mines, one of which it entered. After examining the engines it subsequently observed that it was on the point of being captured, and concealed itself in a boiler, remaining there until the heat became too intense, when it came out and allowed itself to be taken back into custody. It is considered that Tuesday's chase totalled approximately 12 miles. The baboon will be taken from the house at Woodville back to Port Adelaide this morning.
Strange Animals
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"Broncho" George White

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA)
Date: April 25 1907
Page Number: 9
Mr. J. Ridly, who owns a poultry farm near the Cheltenham Racecourse, writes: "On rising about 5.45 on Wednesday morning I was surprised to find an intruder of an unusual sort, his looks in the dim light of the morning not being attractive. My daughter, aged 9, rushed nearly into the intruder's arms before she noticed it sitting by the dust-tub and raking out the contents. The stranger rose, and made towards her, and she rushed back into the house, closing the door after her. The child said that something ugly and large was in the yard. I immediately went outside, and found a large strange animal, raised an alarm and called to my son to get a gun ready. My first thought in the dim light was that a bear had escaped from the Zoo. By this time the milkman had arrived, and by our united efforts, and with the aid of the gun, we drove the baboon, for such it proved to be, off the premises on to the racecourse, where we gave him the contents of the gun. We last saw him over near the grand stand."