Banaraga Devils
Roaming Banaraga Mountains.

Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld.)
Date: August 26, 1937
Page Number: 7
TIARO, August 25.

Many years ago aborigines declared fearsomely that devils which ate piccaninies and native bears existed in a low range of rugged mountains known as Banaraga Mountains, nine miles west of Tiaro. Two strange animals corresponding to the description or these Banaraga 'devils' were seen a few days ago and another one some time ago.

Several men reported that while climbing the mountain they saw two strange animals. They were larger than a dingo but of much stockier build, with a thick, shaggy black coat and bushy tail. They quickly disappeared at a fast pace. One man said the animals reminded him of grizzly bears. Footprints of an animal were seen and were described as bring not quite the size of those of a dingo.
"Piccaninny" (with variant spellings Pickaninny, Piccaninnie, Picaninny, Pickaninnie) is a term used for black children.

"Native bears", of course, refers to koalas.
No other references to "Banaraga Mountains" can be found so perhaps the name is no longer in use.
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