The Yowie - mythical man/beast of the Australian bush.

Tales of strange beasts have been made since colonial times but is there any truth to the stories?

Could a race of hairy ape-men successfully conceal themselves from humanity for so long and in such an isolated continent like Australia?

If so, then proof of yowie existence would surely be one of the most amazing discoveries of all time!

However, crypto-zoology is and always has been a haven for nutters and charlatans and Yowie Research is no exception. Since beginning this crypto-zoological quest in late 2008 I have sought to independently investigate the yowie phenomenon and have found what few people involved in the yowie search are willing to acknowledge:

* There is no shortage of yowie claims and stories. This, however, stands in stark contrast with the available yowie evidence of which there is little to none.

What little yowie evidence has been collected is either misidentified, suspect, or fabricated. Currently, there is no evidence which supports the existence of yowies.

95% +/- 5% of all reported yowie encounters are bogus - i.e. simply the result of misidentification, storytelling, practical jokes, personal fantasy/delusion, and hoaxing.

Prominent Yowie Researchers - the self-proclaimed experts who often claim numerous yowie sightings and encounters - are among the most prolific storytellers and hoaxers.

Authors of crypto-zoology and folklore often overlook hoaxing from the "researchers" who supply them with information in order to pad out there publications and propagate the myth.

The search for the Yowie has largely been carried out by sensationalist paranormal-buffs and the vast bulk of Yowie information is little more than fiction presented as fact. As such, there is little reliable information about whether the yowie actually exists.

The history of Yowie Research is an interesting one. The line between fact and folklore has been purposely blurred by a virtual rogue’s gallery of eccentric characters, paranormal theories abound and nothing is quite what it seems. Storytelling and fabrication have long histories when it comes to the Hairy Man (i.e. its name before it became known as the Yowie) and even today fakery is widespread among self-proclaimed "researchers" of the Australian crypto-community.

This is where the Naked Yowie Project comes into it.

The Naked Yowie Project simply by-passes all that sensationalist nonsense - it is a complete re-examination of the Yowie-lore. Starting from scratch, all the available yowie information is to be put under tighter scrutiny and new reports will be critically examined in detail. The Naked Yowie Project aims to strip back the mass of fiction and false information which surrounds the Yowie in order to see what, if anything, remains...

The Yowie seems to be a people-driven phenomenon – remove people from the equation and there is no objective sign that the ecosystem is being impacted by a large undiscovered species of any kind. So why do apparently sincere people claim to see Yowies (and Bunyips, and ghosts, and whatever)? Why do people misidentify what they experience? Why do some fabricate evidence (like footprints)? What is really going on? 

An Alternate Yowie Hypothesis

Pranking, hoaxing, exaggeration, and good ol’-fashioned yarn-spinning seems to account for a significant proportion, perhaps even the majority, of modern cryptid claims. More than confounding the phenomenon, such tall tales and fakery are the phenomenon. Moreover, it has always  been the phenomenon -  the Yowie (or the Bunyip, or ghosts, or whatever) is part of a folkloric tradition of storytelling which stretches back more than 200 years.

Before the internet, before, T.V., before radio, before silent films, before newspapers, and before even literacy there was, and still is, storytelling. When it is bad it is invariably crude and cringe-worthy, when it is good it is engaging and entertaining, but when it is great it can become LEGENDARY.

There are no monsters other than the ones we, ourselves, create. The real mystery is why there are people who believe that there are and who are willing to fake it in order to prove it. That is what people are currently doing, it is what people have always done. People like doing it, people like hearing about it, it stimulates thought and the imagination, and it is brings people together to talk about it. It has a social function.

In essence, Yowie (and the Bunyip, and ghosts, and whatever), like all traditional stories and folk-art, is a reflection upon the society which fosters it. So, perhaps the important question is: What does the belief in Yowies (et al.) say about us as a whole?

The Naked Yowie Project aims to provide full and complete disclosure, or as much information as possible, about alleged yowie sightings as they are reported. In order to do so adequately, I am in need of participants who are willing and able to respond to and independently investigate alleged Yowie sightings in and around their local areas - primarily along Australia's eastern states. There are still large areas in New South Wales and Queensland, in particular, that require interested and well-grounded correspondents. Furthermore, those with arm-chair research expertise (internet, libraries, and/or archives) are also required - there is a great deal of information to find and adequately catalogue. If you think you fit the bill then feel free to contact me.


of the
George Gray's Yowie
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Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!
Yowie News & Stuff
Reports of the Wild/Hairy Man
Yowie / Bigfoot
Where the Wild Things Aren't
by Andrew Masterton
The Sydney Morning Herald
January 4, 2014
Deja vu all over again: Another dead Bigfoot press conference for Dyer
by Sharon Hill
Doubtful News
January 2, 2014
rex_gilroy.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001044.jpg
Rex Gilroy is an Australian who has written articles and self-published books on cryptids and unexplained or speculative phenomena. His work has focused on yowie reports, 'out of place' animals, UFOs, and propositions regarding a 'lost' Australian civilization.
yowieo.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001043.jpg
Yowie to come out of the hills
by Clair Morton
The Daily Examiner
February 8, 2014
It was the mystery that had everyone stumped: Not Bigfoot, or a Yeti but a boy...dressed as a tree
by Taylor Auerbach
The Herald Sun
February 8, 2014
I saw 'Bigfoot' body, says Wodonga man
January 13, 2014
** Updated: 'Bigfoot' sighting in Glebe Park, Canberra (2011) **
yowie_scholar.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001040.jpg
The History of Yowie Research
by Ed Skoda
February 28, 2014 (ongoing)
** Updated: Origins of the word 'Yowie' **
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EARLIER YOWIE (recently added):

Yowie sightings and other weird beasts in western New South Wales (2012)
Yahoo first netted in 1912 at Braidwood
And There Were Giants
Yetis, Yowies and dinosaur trees: amazing finds in the hunt for living legends

Has the Australian Bigfoot been caught on camera?
Hunters claim they filmed a Yowie after luring him with fruit
by Taylor Auerbach
April 8, 2014
** Updated: New "Yowie Claw" video **
A very hot four day shoot in the magnificent Blue Mountains with limited time and zero budget. The crew were superb and two pick up days were added to the initial four days shooting.

Despite a number of production issues, it was worth it in the end, so far we have bagged two international awards (one for our brilliant Cinematographer Callan Green and another Merit Award for the film itself) at the 2010 LA Cinema Film Festival for our troubles!
'Bigfoot has Australian genes!'
The myth and mystery behind Australia's bush monster the Yowie
by Maria Lewis
April 14, 2014
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April 30, 2013
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May 9, 2014
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Director: Greg Newkirk
October 21, 2011
Close encounter of the 'Yowie' kind
by Janel Shorthouse and Annie Gaffne
ABC Sunshine Coast
April 24, 2014
Update: 12-09-2014 - BIGFOOT HOAX RUINED MY LIFE
Clacy admits he was foolish to be duped by the notorious Bigfoot fraudster, who pulled off a similar hoax in 2008 with a rubber ape suit in a freezer.
In spite of his ordeal, Clacy still believes there is a real Bigfoot out there somewhere.
Yambuk goes ape for yowies
by Everard Himmelreich
The Standard (Warnambool, VIC)
July 14, 2014
Also see: Yowie's invade Yambuk (July 10, 2014)
Something in the Pilliga for local filmmaker
by Sophie Harris
Forbes Advocate (NSW)
July 8, 2014
"Tracey’s story about the two men who decided to play tricks on her and her friend pretending to be the Pilliga yowie was to become the inspiration for There’s Something In The Pilliga, drawing on the myths and legends surrounding the Jingra."
Aug 14 - Return of the Yowie: in praise of Australia's chocolate-coated animal toys    
July 30 - Organisers tout inaugural Yowie Cup - “We had to decide on a name for the event. We came up with the Yowie Cup because it ties in
                                                                                                             with the local area reputation of being the home of the Yowie”
July 29 - Bush police on ‘the big money’ as believable as Bigfoot -BILL Feldman is determined to bust the myth that police officers in the bush are getting "the big
                                                                                          money". The Queensland Police Union Central Region representative said the suggestion was as unbelievable as the Yowie... 
July 29 - Springbrook, Ormeau, Tamborine Mountain "yowie sightings" - Leading hoaxer-researcher, Dean Harrison, talks Yowie on ABC Gold Coast radio...   
Aug 31
Yowie: Bridging the Believer-Skeptic Divide
Can it be done?
Sept 5
Or do they?
yowie_bigfoot_2014001019.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001018.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001017.jpg
NEW TV Special: The men of the GCBRO are not wishy-washy Cryptozoologists. These are men of action, military-types who are convinced that what they are seeing and experiencing is real.
Jan 13
Sept 20
Yowies: 'they're out there I've spoken with them'
Gympie Times
September 20, 2014
The creature seemed human but larger and spoke in a language he thinks might be Latin.
"He was quickly able to learn a few words in English and we spoke for about two hours," the Kybong resident said.
"They're very intelligent."
But he says they are in danger.
Aug 30 - 'Yowie Man' researcher resumes hunt on the Manning
"We possess three skull-types dating back 2 million years of this species, found at Katoomba, Bega and near Bathurst. Like their African cousins these beings were herbivorous feeders and did not make tools whereas the other two races are between 1.6m and 3.66m in height and identified as Homo erectus."
Oct 17
Yowie! Let’s hope the bark worse than bite
NT News
October 17, 2014
A local Yowie expert, who preferred to remain anonymous, has examined the photos and recognised the distinctive marking on the trees.
“It could be a Yowie, there’s certainly some strange things that live in this area,” he said
Oct 18
Do yowies in Far North Queensland really exist?
The Cairns Post
October 18, 2014
While I am not a staunch believer – there needs to be a healthy dose of cynicism – writing off a stack of people as on drugs is not a logical conclusion for similar reported sightings.
Quinkan, yowie, bigfoot, vampires, fairies ... could they be real or are they a product of the human mind, creating drama, mystery and intrigue?
yowie_bigfoot_2014001014.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001013.jpg
Oct 19
New ‘sightings’ in Queensland of the mythical Yowie have sparked a spat between rival hunters
The Courier Mail
October 19, 2014
Mr Harrison, who runs the Australia Yowie Research website devoted to proving its existence, said the duo was “not to be taken seriously by any researcher”.
But Mr Dunn, a Brisbane cleaner, has hit back saying Mr Harrison and his followers were jealous of the new “evidence” they were amassing.
Oct 22
Yowie found in Douglas cave?
The Newsport
October 22, 2014
The Nephilim Hunter, as he is known, delved deep into the cave - the location of which is is a closely-guarded secret - on an expedition to find an ancient relic called the ‘Eye of Ra’.
“We walked out unharmed, so we know it wasn’t there to harm us.”
Oct 23
Palmerston Woman seeks Big Foot and friends
NT News
October 23, 2014
“I know more about Big Foot than Yowie,” she said. “I know there’s people out there that believe in it but they keep it secret.
"Everyone thinks you’re mad,” she said. “I don’t care what you think – it’s my hobby.”
yowie_bigfoot_2014001010.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001009.jpg
Oct 26
Searching for the Yowie
Today (9 News)
October 26, 2014
For three years, these mates have travelled thousands of kilometres in search of the long lost Yowie, and they are convinced they have finally found it in Australia.
Nov 12
yowie_bigfoot_2014001007.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001006.jpg
Podcast: QUT's Dr. Matthew Phillips discusses the Yowie
Dec 9     Batemans Bay yowie sighting an Australian first - also see H.J. McCooey
Dec 12 - Researcher reaches out to scientific community to
yowie_bigfoot_2014001004.jpg yowie_bigfoot_2014001003.jpg
Is Blinky the bigfoot
really Todd Standing?
prove existence of Bigfoot
Genetic analysis of hair samples attributed to yeti, bigfoot and other anomalous primates
Himalayan ‘yeti’ DNA: polar bear or DNA degradation? A comment on ‘Genetic analysis of hair samples attributed to yeti’ by Sykes et al. (2014)
Response to Edwards and Barnett
Scientists challenge 'Abominable Snowman DNA' results
New analysis of DNA evidence contradicts claims of 'Yeti' brown/polar bear hybrid in Himalayas
Aug 18 - The Australian Yowie Project
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