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Bigfoot Files S01 E02 "Bigfoot"
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The Wild Man from Botany Bay

by Yager, C. Sept 27, 2011

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Yowies Ignored By Science!
by Dr. Helmut Loofs-Wissowa, 1996
David Waldron
"Bunyips, Yowies and
Big Cats"

February 23, 2014
Canadian artist makes Bigfoot track shoes
Montreal-based artist Maskull Lasserre has designed shoes that make footprints in the ground as you walk along, instead of shoe prints. He's got a human-footprint shoe, but also a bigfoot-print shoe. He's quoted as saying:
'Living now in the city, I found a strange kind of loneliness seeing only human shoe prints in the puddles and snow. 'This project was my way of introducing a sort of mysterious possibility to the urban landscape, for those who happened upon it. 'But I admit that I just couldn't resist making a Bigfoot track.'
Mystery Hunters: How To Make AMAZING Bigfoot & Swamp Monster Prints
Make AMAZING fake Bigfoot or Swamp Monster footprints in your backyard. Araya and Doubting Dave (from YTVs Mystery Hunters) show you how! Learn more cool stuff like this in Doubting Dave's book, "GOTCHA! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Our Your Friends," available on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

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Waynesboro, PA Track Find February 2002
by The Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group Feb 2002
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Also see:
Bigfoot DNA?
yowie_scholar001003.jpg yowie_scholar001002.jpg

by Radford, B. Sept 28, 2008

Cryptozoology and Myth, Part 1: The Illusion of Facticity in Unknown Animal Reports
by Sharon Hill Aug 19, 2015

          Part 2: Lake Monster Tropes
         Part 3: Hiding in the cold, dark water until Judgment Day
          Part 4: Crypto-zoologizing the natives’ magic monster
          Part 5: Which came first – the monster or the myth?

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