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Has the Australian Bigfoot been caught on camera?
Hunters claim they filmed a Yowie after luring him with fruit

By: Taylor Auerbach
Date: 8 April 2014
Online Source
The History of Yowie Research
* Two 'Yowie searchers' claim to have filmed a strange Bigfoot-like creature
* Mysterious beast with glowing eyes dubbed 'The Morning Visitor'

* They say they lured 'him' onto camera using a bunch of apples
* Video sparks mixed opinions from online Yowie hunting community
     Two friends who claim to have captured vision of an Australian Bigfoot say they 'convinced' the elusive creature to appear on film by offering him a feast of apples.
     The grainy early-morning video, shot in South Queensland on March 29, has sent an online community of Bigfoot hunters into a spin after the friends who filmed it claimed the clip is evidence of the mysterious Yowie - a mythical creature rumoured to roam the Aussie bush.
     Jason Heal and Jason Dunn, self-described 'Yowie searchers', posted the vision to their YouTube account on April 5 and dubbed the strange creature with glowing eyes 'The Morning Visitor'.
     'We'd been throwing him a few extra apples since he was willing to appear on camera,' Jason Heal told MailOnline.
     'I'm somebody who believes in appreciation in life and if he's showing himself, we appreciate the fact.
     'We even left a few apples without the camera and said "you can have the apples but we don't get the prize."'
     He said the Yowie first appeared the Thursday afternoon before their early morning video by waving its 'black hairy arm' in front of the lens 'to see if it's going to set the camera off or not'.
     Mr Heal said he and his partner have spent thousands of dollars hunting Yowies in the Australian bush and described the furry humanoids as 'very intelligent creatures'.
     Their video has so far been watched more than 9,000 times. It is just the latest in a string of clips that have garnered the pair more than 1 million views on YouTube and inspired an article on the Cryptozoology News website.
     'Even though the creature on the video certainly resembles a sloth, these animals are not native to any region of Australia and they are illegal to have as pets,' the article reads.
     'The possibility of the video showing a big unidentified ape remains open.'
     But readers are not so sure with many voicing their skepticism over the infrared vision, filmed at 3:27am.
     'That’s a really neat-o mask that guy is wearing!' said Ira Shlamazel.
     'Maybe if you moved the camera a little further away it wouldn’t be so obvious.'
     User The Flinx joked: '1990 called, they want their hoax back'.
     Michael Bachman, editor of Cryptozoology News, told MailOnline: 'At this point we have no idea whether the video is real or a hoax, but it has certainly captivated some viewers.'
     The mixed opinion has angered the two Jasons who said they have invested time and money in their hunt for evidence of Australia's answer to the Sasquatch.
     'Everyone's going crazy, saying it's a hoax, like we're putting lamps on our head,' said Mr Heal.
     'You give them something real and they all turn around and say it's fake...we know they exist, we've done enough research.'
     The duo do have a number of fans online. Paul Davies wrote: 'Excellent capture you guys fair play, all that time out in the bush has certainly paid off.'
     Yowies have long been part of Australian folklore, with rumoured sightings dating back to the 18th century.
    Internet sleuths often swap tales of encounters with the strange ape-like creatures who are said to stroll around the outback.
Originally posted as Leechmans Tree Cam [The Morning Visitor]
- who is Leechman?
Published on Mar 19, 2014
Here is a strange video what Leechman caught on his tree cam.
This Dark Fury Arm what you about to see is REAL We believe its the arm of a yowie testing the senser on the tree cam, You can see it moving its arm back out of frame then seconds later you will see branches move as it walks off. Make sure you watch it carefully.
youtube.jpg sloth.jpg jj_yowie_search001013.jpg
The creature on this video resembles a sloth???
"Internet sleuths often swap tales of encounters with the strange ape-like creatures who are said to stroll around the outback."
Australian Yowie Research (also known as "Yowie-Hunters") is the website and forum of Dean Harrison (who in 2009 faked an attack by a Yowie) and friends.
jj yowie search
Yowie Arm On My Tree Cam
A - (far left) Night shot of the "morning visitor"
B - (left) Daytime shot of the same area
C - (below left) Night shot (at 50% opacity) overlaying the daytime shot
D - (below) Night shot (at 75% opacity) overlaying the daytime shot
"The possibility of the video showing a big unidentified ape remains open." - FALSE: the creature is partially hidden behind what appears to be a small moss-covered rock or fallen log. There is not enough detail to determine exactly what the creature is but it certainly is not "big". Appears to be the size of a possum or smaller...
Mystery Solved?
"Disbeliever" from the Unexplained-Mysteries forum suggested that unknown creature is a barn owl based on the motion of the head:
An owl does make sense - rodents would be attracted to the apples
and an owl would have been attracted to the rodents.
 J&J Yowie Search live in the same area as me (south-east Queensland)
and there are several species of owl in the area:
Greater Sooty Owl - Tyto tenebricosa - Deep moist gullies in eucalypt forest,
usually with big, old, smooth-barked gums and an understorey of tree ferns
and Lilly Pilly. They may move into drier forest to hunt but they need the
primary habitat for roosting and breeding.
Australian Masked Owl - Tyto novaehollandiae - Forest and open woodland
with adjacent clearings.
Common Barn Owl - Tyto alba - The Barn Owl is found in virtually all
habitats but much more abundantly in open woodland, heaths and moors
than forested country.
Powerful Owl - Ninox strenua - Typically wet and hilly sclerophyll forest with dense gullies adjacent to more open forest. A nearby town at the base of the ranges is known as the "home of the powerful owl".
jj_yowie_search001007.jpg jj_yowie_search001006.jpg jj_yowie_search001005.jpg jj_yowie_search001004.jpg
While the "bobbing head" video is likely to be a case of mistaken identity the same cannot be said of the following "Yowie Claw" video by the same "researchers":
Costume "hairy hands".
Still at it in 2015:
Note that the above video has been removed.
A copy and assessment by "ParaBreakdown" is available below:
The Naked Yowie Project