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Man investigating existence of yowies says he has proof of apeman in Gold Coast Hinterland

By: Jack Harbour
Gold Coast Bulletin
Date: 11 February, 2017
Online Source
The History of Yowie Research
THEY’RE the subject of myth and legend but 44-year-old yowie hunter Jason Heal says he has proof that apemen live in the Gold Coast Hinterland.
Almost every weekend for about five years, the Brisbane local has sped down the M1 west of the Gold Coast in search of the hominid reputed to live in the Australian bush.
And so strongly does Mr Heal believe he has been in contact with the ape man, he refuses to take his 14-year-old son with him on trips, for fear of tragedy.

The Naked Yowie Project
He claims he’s had dozens of encounters with the creature since his partner first introduced him to the species in a New Idea magazine article but says one piece of video footage taken in the Gold Coast Hinterland in 2014 haunts him to this very day.
“You get a lot of birds, you get a lot of wild pigs and then you get a lot of possums,” he said.
“I’d put apples there to attract the yowies.
“One particular shot, it was about 3.27am on a Saturday … there was a lot of moisture in the air.
“I can see it hunched over, it’s on the other side of the rock (on which the camera is perched).
“It’s eyes are glowing, it’s got sort of dreadlocked, matted hair. It’s looking at the apples with intrigue.

“It’s blinking its eyes in the video … a bit like a human does.
“In the last shot you can see it turn.”
In one of his latest escapades, Mr Heal said he was capturing video footage trying to communicate with yowies by tapping on trees in the Gold Coast Hinterland last year when a yowie spoke to him, asking him his name.
“The best way to describe it is like a cave man, Neanderthal sort of talk,” he said.
“(Yowies) can speak English.”

The yowie hunter runs a YouTube channel called Viral 6000 and says he often attracts criticism from naysayers who claim the animals don’t exist and even say some of the images he has captured are in fact wild pigs.
But Mr Heal said he has seen enough in his lifetime to be sure of their existence.
“Pigs heads are straight on their body, their heads don’t bob up and down,” he said.
“They (yowies) are 100 per cent real.
“You could have 1000 scientists who debate the topic … I would stand up and say they are real.
“Here in Australia they’re apelike/wild man.”

Published on Mar 19, 2014
Here is a strange video what Leechman caught on his tree cam.
This Dark Fury Arm what you about to see is REAL We believe its the arm of a yowie testing the senser on the tree cam, You can see it moving its arm back out of frame then seconds later you will see branches move as it walks off. Make sure you watch it carefully.
A - (far left) Night shot of the "morning visitor"
B - (left) Daytime shot of the same area
C - (below left) Night shot (at 50% opacity) overlaying the daytime shot
D - (below) Night shot (at 75% opacity) overlaying the daytime shot
"The possibility of the video showing a big unidentified ape remains open." - FALSE: the creature is partially hidden behind what appears to be a small moss-covered rock or fallen log. There is not enough detail to determine exactly what the creature is but it certainly is not "big". Appears to be the size of a possum or smaller...
Mystery Solved?
"Disbeliever" from the Unexplained-Mysteries forum suggested that unknown creature is a barn owl based on the motion of the head:
An owl does make sense - rodents would be attracted to the apples
and an owl would have been attracted to the rodents.
 J&J Yowie Search live in the same area as me (south-east Queensland)
and there are several species of owl in the area:
Greater Sooty Owl - Tyto tenebricosa - Deep moist gullies in eucalypt forest,
usually with big, old, smooth-barked gums and an understorey of tree ferns
and Lilly Pilly. They may move into drier forest to hunt but they need the
primary habitat for roosting and breeding.
Australian Masked Owl - Tyto novaehollandiae - Forest and open woodland
with adjacent clearings.
Common Barn Owl - Tyto alba - The Barn Owl is found in virtually all
habitats but much more abundantly in open woodland, heaths and moors
than forested country.
Powerful Owl - Ninox strenua - Typically wet and hilly sclerophyll forest with dense gullies adjacent to more open forest. A nearby town at the base of the ranges is known as the "home of the powerful owl".
jj_yowie_search001007.jpg jj_yowie_search001006.jpg jj_yowie_search001005.jpg jj_yowie_search001004.jpg
Yowies Can Speak English
Yowies: 'they're out there I've spoken with them'
The article entitled, "I'm friends with a Yowie!" is no longer available online.

Please contact me if you have a copy of "New Idea" magazine from September, 2012.
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April 10, 2017
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