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Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW)
Date: July 13, 1889
Page Number: 1
The "Marble" Man mystery has not yet been cleared up to the satisfaction of people generally, though there are not wanting thousands who really believe, and not without reason, that Drs. McCarthy and Warren are quite right in what they state, and that the figure found at Cow Flat is without doubt that of a petrified man. What ever Mr. Wilkinson and others, who pooh-pooh this idea, have said to the contrary, the fact remains that not one tittle of evidence in support of their theory has been elicited. Mr. Wilkinson, who is the Government Geologist, has made a statement which has not been corroborated in any way by independent testimony; the police sergeant at Orange furnished a lengthy report to the authorities and expressed his belief that what had been told him by others was true--namely that the figure was carved or cut in a public-house at that place by a man named Sala--but this statement has not in any way been supported. The man whose name is mentioned as having been the sculptor not only denies having executed the work, but declares that he did actually find the figure in his quarry, as originally stated. The boy who is alleged to have kept watch whilst he performed the work has not been produced, neither has the man who is said to have carried the huge slab of marble, from which it was cut, to the public-house in question. On the other hand, Dr. McCarthy's analysis of portion of the petrified bony tissue should afford some meed of satisfaction to those who have been with him from the first, inasmuch as almost equal portions were discovered of phosphate of lime and carbonate of lime, the former being the form in which phosphorus is found in bone-ash or bone-earth. Let the mystery end as it will, it will be at least satisfactory to know the correct story, and the whole story, even after it has been cleared up, will form pleasant reading in the future.
This article fails to take the previous article which included certified testimony in support of the Sub-Inspector's report.
The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW)
Date: July 16, 1889
Page Number: 6
HOSPITAL.--Tenders are shortly to be called for the erection of an hospital, the plans, &c, being now prepared. This will be a great boon, as at present we are without a doctor, several having taken a short spell here, but soon retired, the latest being Doctor Souter, now of the marble man fame.
Charles Henry Souter

Cultural Heritage: Scottish
Religious Influence: Catholic

Medical practitioner.
Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW)
Date: July 23, 1889
Page Number: 3
This is how the Marble Man is being used by an enterprising advertiser : The Marble Man may never have "dwelt in marble halls," he may be a solid reality or a hollow fraud, or vice versa, but So and So's Milk Arrowroot Biscuits are sweet, solid realities.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)
Date: July 30, 1889
Page Number: 5
The Watson's Bay Minstrels gave a complimentary entertainment at the Shaftesbury Reformatory on Friday evening. It was highly appreciated by the in-mates. The comic song "One more river," sung by Mr. Gonsalees, was greatly applauded ; and "Bally- hooly," by Mr. Sibley, caused great laughter, and was very well carried out. The entertainmont was brought to a close by a very laughable farce entitled "The Marble Man."
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)
Date: Augyst 3, 1889
Page Number: 6
It will be a cause of real regret to many to learn that in Melbourne an execution has been ordered to issue against the Marble Man. Oh, why did we suffer him to leave us ! There is one source of relief : the court, strong-hearted as it is, may yet be moved to set aside the judgment, and the Lord High Executioner may not, after all, appear upon the scene. Some of our people here who have not forgotten the loss or their shilling at the show are saying vindictively, "Hang the Marble Man !" But no true philanthropist or paleontologist would say so. It would be far better, if he must be executed, that he should be executed by sections.
Messrs. Mathey and Nathan:
Money lenders from Sydney.


Harry Stockdale

Cultural Heritage: English
Religious Influence: ?

Sketcher, collector, explorer and horseman. Exhibitor of the Marble man.
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The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA)
Date: August 1, 1889
Page Number: 4
An application was made in the Supreme Court to-day on behalf of Messrs. Mathey and Nathan, of Sydney, to attach the so-called "petrified man" found in a quarry at Cow Flat, New South Wales, for an unsatisfied judgement summons for £347 made against Harry Stockdale, who is exhibiting the man. The defendant opposed the application, because he intended to move to set aside the judgement on the ground that it had been obtained by fraud. The defendant also stated that he only exhibited the marble man, and had no proprietary interest in it. The judge granted the application to issue an execution on the “marble man” but the sale will not take place for eight days to allow the defendant to take action to stay the proceedings if desired.
A Petrified Apple.
The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW)
Date: August 3, 1889
Page Number: 5
Mr. David Johnston, of Toongabbee, brought to our offices this week a remarkable specification of petrification in the shape of what he considers to be a Harvey's Russet apple. The apple was found in his orchard, a few inches under the soil, in a portion of the orchard where apples wore wont to be grown in the misty past, when he was a boy. Dr. McCarthy has not seen the apple in question. If he did no doubt he would be able to identify it as one of the apples that Adam brought with him out of the Garden of Eden, when he started an orchard for himself. We have the apple on view and one of our staff, who has an interest in the Hospital, intends to charge six-pence for the privilege of inspecting in. It will then be sent to Melbourne to be exhibited in connection with the Marble Man.
Russet Harvey apples
The Marble Man.
Singleton Argus (NSW)
Date: August 7, 1889
Page Number: 2
HARRY STOCKDALE has returned to Sydney. He avers that the leading geologists of Victoria are positive that the "marble" man is a genuine human fossil. A hole has been drilled through the leg from the sole of the foot for some distance, and an analysis of the substance discloses 50 per cent of bone.
A Geological Story of no Particular Period

Illustrated Sydney News (NSW )
Date: August 8, 1889
Page Number: 23

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