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1933 Oct-Dec  Scottish Lake "Mystery", The Monster, The "Monster" of the Scottish Lakes, That Monster
1933 Dec  Loch Ness "Monster", Loch Ness Monster, Scotland's Lake Monster, Loch Ness Marine Monster, Loch Ness "Monster", A Strange Monster, Loch Ness Monster, Sea Serpents
1933 Dec  The Scottish Serpent, Mentioned in Commons, Benefits Tradesmen, Loch Ness "Monster", Seasonal Sea Serpents, Just What Is the Monster of Loch Ness?
1933 Dec  Perhaps "The Monster of Loch Ness", Scottish Scare, The Loch's Romantic History
1933 Dec - 1934 Jan  Loch Ness Mystery Still Unsolved, Claws and Nails, "Water Kelpies and Other Evils", Loch Ness Monster Filmed!, "Scottish Invention to Attract Visitors", Uncanny Tales of "Beast" with Big Eyes
1934 Jan  Film Shown of Loch Ness Sea Monster, Foot Like Hippopotamus, Lake Monster Nearly Hit By Cyclist, Those in Peril in the Deep, Some Varsity Hoaxes, The Loch Ness Monster
1934 Jan  Is It a Sea Serpent?, A Survey of an Investigation, Deep Sea Monsters, Shy Disposition
1934 Jan-Feb  Gippsland 'Monster', Strange Things People Believe, The Monster Again, Tracing the Loch Ness Monster, That Elusive Monster
1934 Feb-Mar  That Monster, A Shy Creature of Many Humps, Is It a Seal?, Another scottish Mystery
1934 Mar  Is It a Tin Fish?, Conflicting Theories, Evidence Analysed, Supposed Grey Seal
1934 Mar-Apr  What It May Be, Vanished Monster, Berlin Paper Reports Capture of Loch Ness Monster, Thousands Look For Loch Ness Monster, Bunyip Migrates
1934 Apr-May  The Loch Ness Monster, Fact or Fantasy?, Margaret Rose's "Monster", Supposed Lock Ness Monster, The Monster Retires, Loch Ness Monster Photographed By London Surgeon, Vigil at Loch Ness
1934 May-June  Another Legend?, New Fashions, Sea Serpents, That Elusive Monster, Newspaper's Seasonal Joke, Cause of Sudden "Epidemic", Australian Museum Magazine, Rival to Loch Ness Monster, Monster is Profitable, Realistic Impression of "Sea Serpent"
1934 June  It's True!, Peculiar Insurances, They Say..., "Resembles Nothing Now Living", Loch Ness Thrives, A Fool Born Every Minute
Photos of the Loch Ness Monster, revisited
July 10, 2013
The Loch Ness monster is nothing more than BUBBLES: Italian scientist claims Nessie is simply a geological phenomenon
 July 1, 2013
A sketch as described by Mr. and Mrs. Spicer.
Hugh Grey's photograph.
Scottish Film Productions claim to have filmed the creature.
Marmaduke Weatherall's "amphibian" footprints.
The surgeon's photograph of the Loch Ness Monster.
Amateur photographer snaps 'large black object' moving beneath the waters of Loch Ness
August 26, 2013
Loch Ness Monster: Is Nessie just a tourist conspiracy?
April 13, 2013
Shipley's Loch Ness Monster hunter takes to the skies
September 26, 2013
'Best ever' photograph of Loch Ness monster revealed as a fake
October 4, 2013
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‘Honest, I saw Nessie, I’d just forgotten my camera’
April 14, 2014
Business seminar on cashing in on the Loch Ness Monster
April 23, 2014
"Nessie" sonar picture monster blunder
May 1, 2014
Is the Loch Ness monster dead? No sightings of mythical creature in over a year
July 29, 2014
Paranormal expert photographs Nessie’s ‘head’
November 8, 2014
Has the mystery of the 'Log Ness Monster' been solved?
November 21, 2014
Swedish man scoops prize for picture of Loch Ness Monster despite NEVER visiting Scotland
January 13, 2015          
Is this amazing new footage captured by a tourist the Loch Ness Monster?
March 17, 2015          
Secret file reveals scandal of the Natural History Museum expert and the Loch Ness Monster 'sighting' that sent Whitehall into a spin
March 17, 2015          
Loch Ness Monster could become national animal of Scotland
April 23, 2015          



Loch Ness Monster? You otter know better, says wildlife expert
May 12, 2015          
Loch Ness expert who has spent 24 years watching for Nessie and even lost his girlfriend and home says he now believes it is nothing but a CATFISH
May 12, 2015          
The Queen and the Loch Ness monster: a murky tale of myth, nature and spin
Sept 4, 2015          
Legend of Loch Ness Monster was 'invented in a London pub' to drive tourists to Scotland
Sept 4, 2015          

The Loch Ness Monster's 'hiding place is REVEALED' as body of water gets mysteriously deeper
Jan 21, 2016          
A 'monster' is found lurking in the depths of Loch Ness...but bizarre shape spotted by a robo-sub is actually a long-lost film prop
Apr 14, 2016          
Whatever happened to the Loch Ness monster?
May 03, 2016          
Loch Ness Monster hunter insists we're the closest we have ever been to proving Nessie is real
May 12, 2016          
June 30, 2016          
Scottish whisky worker captures 'clearest ever photo of Loch Ness Monster'
September 16, 2016          
Nessie: Why Scots monster myth lives on into 21st century
September 19, 2016          
Sightings of Loch Ness Monster at highest levels since 2000
December 6, 2016          

Otago research plan to identify Loch Ness monster DNA
April 4, 2017         
loch_ness_monster_contents001003.jpg loch_ness_monster_contents001002.jpg loch_ness_monster_contents001001.jpg
NESSIE RETURNS? Loch Ness Monster ‘spotted’ for first time in almost nine months ending fears beast had gone missing
May 2, 2017         
Is Nessie Back?
May 2, 2017         
TAKE A SECOND LOCH Stunned tourist captures ‘Loch Ness Monster’ swimming through waters in front of small boat in SECOND sighting this year
May 10, 2017