International Sea Serpent Reports
The Sea Serpent Once More.

The Sydney Herald (NSW)
Date: October 8, 1840
Page Number: 4
This strange monster that has regularly, once a year, made its appearence in the neighbourhood of Nahant, has this season taken up its residence on the coast of New Jersey. The United States Gazette publishes a letter from Mr. Job Salmon, of Cranmer Town, near Manahawk, dated April 9, saying that four or five persons saw his majesty of the great deep on the 28th of March, quietly sunning himself on the surface of the waters in Dinner Point Creek. It is a snug sort of hiding place for his snake-ship, just large enough to allow him to sport at his ease, which he seemed to be doing, when Mr. Job Salmon and several others suddenly came upon him one day proceeding down the Creek. He appeared of a black colour, 50 feet long, 8 inches in diameter, and holding his head five or six feet above water. A posse of villagers, to whom the news of this extraordinary arrival had been communicated, with arms, ammunition, harpoons, stakes, seines, lines, and divers other instruments, proceeded to the beach to give a warm welcome to the stranger, but he had snuffed the secret, and hurried himself away.
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New Jersey 1840
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