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Exhibition teaches students about Aboriginal culture
By: Megan Levy
Illawarra Mercury
Date: November 26, 2002
Page Number: 14
ILLAWARRA students have been learning about Australia's indigenous cultures, including the elusive "hairy man", in an exhibition showing at the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation in Wollongong.
     Indigenous Australians: Australia's First People is part of the Australian Museum's travelling exhibition program, and includes contemporary artworks and interactive computer and video displays.
     Also in the display is a shield originally used in ritual warfare in North Queensland, which was purchased by the Australian Museum in 1905.
     "It's a hands-on display for people to experience indigenous cultures. There's a story-line in the exhibition, which takes the students from traditional practices to the contemporary lifestyles of indigenous judges and magistrates," cultural development officer Mark Milbrya said.
One of the most popular displays, according to Mr Milbrya, is the audio visual display in which Aboriginal people tell their stories of seeing the "hairy man", or yowie.
     "They have loved listening to the stories. The hairy man is real to Aboriginal people and many Aboriginal people have seen him," he said. Mr Milbrya said the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation was working with the Australian Museum and the State Government to put together an exhibition of Illawarra Aboriginal artefacts.
     "We're hoping to acquire local artefacts and to detail the history of our people here. There are a lot of invaluable artefacts being held in private holdings, and we're working with the museum and the NSW Ministry for the Arts to obtain funding for the project," he said.
     The exhibition is showing at the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation until December 4.
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