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  Arthur Marrin
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 The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal
 Sat 8 Dec, 1888
 Page 2
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To this day, beyond recreational activities, Odd Fellows promote philanthropy, the ethic of reciprocity and charity, albeit with some grand lodges implying Judeo-Christian affiliation.
Race Horse Owner
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 The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW)
 Mon 2 Jan, 1888
 Page 2
12 Dec, 1891 - Marrin elected into committee of Braidwood Turf club
Until becoming incapacitated later in life, Merrin remained a prominent member of the G.U.O.O.F. (Grand United Order of Odd Fellows). [source]
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 The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW)
 Wed 16 Jan, 1889
 Page 2
George Wilson
(1846? - 1896)
A Strange Encounter
 The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW)
 Fri 27 Oct, 1893
 Page 5
"Supposed to be a wombat"

"... its fore feet stretched out like the arms of a man."

Dispatched with a stone and the butt-end of a whip.

"It was four feet long..."

"It weighed over seven stone." (45kg+)

"11 inches across the forehead, and had a face very much like a polar bear."

"Its hair was tan color like a 'possum with strong hair on its skin."

"Its forearms were very strong with great paws that would be capable of giving a terrible grip."
The strange animal from Jingera: wombat? Queanbeyan Age, Tuesday 3 October 1893.
An Awkward Encounter -Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW) Sat 28 Oct, 1893. Page 5.
ITEMS OF INTEREST - The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW) Tue 31 Oct, 1893. Page 7.
Supposed to be a Wombat - Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton, NSW) Tue 31 Oct. 1893. Page 8.
The Hairy Man - The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW) Fri 10 Nov, 1893. Page 4.
A Wild Monster - Molong Express and Western District Advertiser (NSW) Sat 11 Nov, 1893. Page 5.
A STRANGE MONSTER - The Snowy River Mail and Tambo and Croajingolong Gazette (Orbost, Vic.) Sat 11 Nov, 1893. Page 3.
A STRANGE MONSTER - Bairnsdale Advertiser and Tambo and Omeo Chronicle (Vic.) Thu 16 Nov, 1893. Page 3.
A STRANGE MONSTER - The Maffra Spectator (Vic.) Mon 20 Nov, 1893. Page 3.
" was standing up on its hind legs"

"When Mr. Marrin encountered it it stood between 6ft. and 7ft. high"
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 The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW)
 Wed 1 Nov, 1893
 Page 8
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  Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW)
  Mon 20 Nov, 1893.
  Page 6.
 Goulburn Herald (NSW)
 Mon 7 Jul, 1902.
 Page 2