International Sea Serpent Reports
The Sea Serpent's Appearance in the Harbour.

Launceston Advertiser (Tas.)
Date: April 2, 1840
Page Number: 4
The Boston Mercantile Journal contains an engraving of the sea-serpent, as seen off Deer Island, near Boston Harbour, by Lieutenant Bubier, U. S. navy. Accompanying the engraving in the Journal, we find the following account of Lieutenant Bubier's observations:
     "As Lieutenant Bubier, of the United States Navy, was passing in a sail boat from Deer Island to Nahant, on Friday last, about one o'clock, p. m., he saw a remarkable fish in the water, rapidly crossing the boat's bow, at the distance of about an eighth of a mile. The head of the fish was plainly to be seen resting on the surface of the water; then after a space of about eight or ten feet, there followed a number of protuberances, such as have heretofore been described ; after which there was a space of about fifteen or twenty feet, when some smaller protuberances followed, apparently the tail of the fish. The whole length of the monster was estimated by Lieutenant Bubier at from 120 to 135 feet in length ; and the size of the head was nearly the size of a barrel, thus corresponding with descriptions which have been previously given. A sketch of his majesty's appearances was taken at the time. Beneath the head of this extraordinary looking fish was a white appearance; but whether this was owing to the colour of the skin, or the foam caused by the rapid motion of the animal, or to a glimpse at the horizon between his head and the water, could not be ascertained. Mr. Bubier is an experienced officer, having entered the service in 1813, and is familiar with the inhabitants of the sea in every quarter of the globe; yet, in all his 'goings down' to the mighty deep, he has never seen anything bearing the resemblance to this animal before. He is positive that it could not have been any species of fish with which he is acquainted. There were in the boat with him several men belonging to the navy, one of whom, with a readiness which bears testimony to his courage and simplicity, grasped the boat-hook, and stood ready to grapple with the monster. It may not be improper here to state, that Lieutenant Bubier had been, heretofore, incredulous in relation to the existence of a sea serpent on our coast."
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Deer Island, Massachusetts
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Bubier, John.
Midshipman, 9 November, 1813.
Lieutenant, 13 January, 1825.
Commander, 8 September, 1841.
Resigned 3 June, 1850.