Skookum Hokum
"Skookum Hokum"
Created: November 24, 2012
This is an image of the actual site of the infamous "Skookum cast" - a plaster cast of the impression said to have been left behind by a Bigfoot reclining in the mud while reaching for apples:
That's right. Bigfoot. Super elusive yet wallowing in mud out in the open, right next to the road, and within earshot of the expedition's "base camp". The Fantastic appeals to us more so than the mundane:
skookum_hokum001004.jpg skookum_hokum001003.jpg skookum_hokum001002.jpg
Hairy Humour
The Skookum Cast debacle is a good demonstration of a Bigfoot confirmation bias in action. It provides an important lesson on how it is natural for us to actively seek out the signs that confirm our beliefs whilst ignoring that which does not. If Bigfoot were to exist then its discovery and documentation would be one of the greatest finds of all time so it is a very human-thing to get caught up in the possible "what if" of the moment whilst neglecting the probable "what is". It can and does happen to all of us - even some Bigfoot-friendly academics.
Furthermore, this case demonstrates how ridiculous some Bigfoot claims are when you examine the alleged evidence in its actual context. While some claims may appear promising, it is important to be mindful of the information which is purposely left out.
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Hairy Humour