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Born In Luzon?

Advocate (Burnie, Tas.)
Date: August 7, 1954
Page Number: 1
     A report that octuplets, five boys and three girls, had been born to a young mother in south-Eastern Luzon had been received in Manila, the Philippines news service said yesterday. The news service added that the report had not been confirmed. The babies were born, the report stated, in a hospital at Iriga, a town in Luzon.
     The report quoted the director of the Lady Mediatrix Hospital at Iriga as saying that the mother and babies were all doing well.
     The mother was from a mountain village, the report added. There are no records in medical annals of human octuplets ever having been born alive.
     Early in the year a report that an Indian woman had given birth to septuplets made the world headlines. But the babies were born dead.

Hoaxes & Pranks
Octuplet Hoax
Octuplet Hoax
Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld.)
Date: August 9, 1954
Page Number: 2
MANILA, August 8.
     The Philippines News Service tonight said that the report of octuplets born in an Iriga town had been found to be a hoax.