Hoaxes & Pranks: Monster Hunters
Hoaxes & Pranks
F. A. Mitchell-Hedges
1921-1922  Big Fish Hooks, Will the Lost Continent Be Found, Disappearing Fish, Hinting the Dinosaurs
1922-1923  Exciting Shark Hunt, An Ocean Terror, Sawfish Weighing 2 Tons, "Some" Fish, Socialistic Savages
1923-1924  Secret Race, Monsters of the Sea, Giant Sea Fish, Fishing for "Sea-Cows", Civilisation of Dead Race
1924-  Prehistoric Ruin in Mexico, Primitive Panama Tribe, Explorer's Gift to British Museum, Women's Progress
1924-1925  Shark v Sawfish, Adventures in the Jungle, Attacked by Giant Ray, Explorer's Thrilling Experiences
1925-1926  Giant Pyramid Secret, The Death of a Nation, Buried Cities of Honduras, Degenerate Young Men, A Male Revival, Effeminate Men, The Dominant Sex, The Pioneer Spirit
1926-  Mystery Cities, Interesting Tribal Customs, Ruined City Thrills, Doomed Race of Dwarfs, New Mystery of Maya, Anti-Feminist Explorer
1926-  Explorers for British Honduras, Alleged Degeneracy of Britain's manhood, Strange Creatures, More Ancient Than Egypt, 60ft Sharks
1926-  Securing a Bride, Nicaragua Revolt, Exciting Snake Hunt, Her Greatest Thrill, Fish Fall From Sky, Relics of a By-Gone Race, Horrors of the Deep
1927-  Dead Men's Heads, Mysterious Attack, Attack on Explorer a Practical Joke, Attack on Explorer Planned by a Woman, The New Explorer, Moya Relics, City Vanishes
1927-1928  London Gossip, Are Men Becoming Soft?, Woman Explorer, Art and Advertising, He is an Impostor, Is He an Impostor?
1929-  Jungle Quest, Adventure! Thrilling Story Begins, Baronet Divorced, and more...