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The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.)
Date: Jan 2, 1906
Page Number: 3
MOUNT GAMBIER, December 28.
Messrs. Jones and Lewis, insurance agents, while travelling between here and Millicent by road, saw what they believed to be the Tantanoola tiger, about two miles from the Tantanoola township. They got within ten yards of the animal, which they describe as resembling a tiger in every respect. The people here have heard so much about this "tiger" that they are not inclined to organise search parties.
The Advertiser (Adelaide, S.A.)
Date: Jan 22, 1906
Page Number: 4
Tantanoola has long been credited with a desire to treat certain matters somewhat more seriously than its neighbors and the outside world seem disposed to do. In the one instance it has of recent date made desperate efforts to keep green the memory of its "tiger" by erecting a life-size image of the true type on the roof of the local public-house. In the other instance it has allied itself with a determination to turn some of its better grazing land to the best profitable account by the general employment of that cash earning creature, that dairy cow, and by the support of an excellent local butter and cheese factory…
The Advertiser (Adelaide, S.A.)
Date: Jul 16, 1906
Page Number: 6
Great excitement has been caused at Killawarra, by the reappearance of the long lost "Tantanoola tiger." The strange animal was seen a few days ago by a resident who when travelling along the road, had his attention directed to it by the frightened state of the horses he was driving. The animal was within 70 or 80 yards of him and be could clearly distinguish it as being about 3 ft. in height, 4 or 5 ft. long, and marked like a tiger. It took fright and disappeared into the scrub. A large party has been organised to scour the forest.
The Advertiser (Adelaide, S.A.)
Date: Mar 8, 1906
Page Number: 8
The name of the Railway Hotel, Tantanoola, was changed to Tiger Hotel.
The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.)
Date: Aug 25, 1906
Page Number: 3
SYDNEY, August 25.

The Tantanoola tiger has at last found a rival which promises to eclipse the doings of that renowned beast. Out Mudgee way the country has been terrorised by the appearance of a strange animal resembling a baboon. It was first seen in the Pyramul district, about 40 miles from Mudgee, and the whole of the residents now go about their usual vocations armed to the teeth. Several reputable people declare that they have encountered the animal, and that its appearance is such as to inspire the greatest dread.
The Advertiser (Adelaide, S.A.)
Date: Jul 27, 1906
Page Number: 10
To the Editor.

Sir – I thought the trouble had ended between the Premier and the Farmers’ and Producers’ Political Union, but I see that on Saturday last an indignation meeting was held by the union for the purpose of discussing the alleged slander by the Premier on the women of the union. It certainly is a great pity that this terrible trouble cannot be settled, so that this most important union could settle down to its many duties so urgent to the welfare of a young country. It is a great pity, too, that we have not had a Siberia near at hand, where we could banish any person who caused such trouble, as if there were any complaints about a man speaking the truth, or even daring to approach it, he could at once be sent out of the way. I would advise Mr. Pick and Co. to get the matter settled as quickly as possible, as the men in Mount Gambier to a man may be needed to defend the ladies from an attack by the Tantanoola tiger, who has grown a fine big fellow and was seen just over the border travelling in the direction of Mount Gambier. From the size of this monster when seen last he would appear to be capable of devouring a person a day, and as, most probably, he prefers the tender sex, I would advise the men of the union to push aside all such business as the trouble between the Premier and themselves so as to be prepared for the real tiger. In conclusion, I sincerely hope that this body, as represented last Saturday by about 85 men and women, have not the power to remove the Premier’s name from the foundation-stone in question. It is pleasing to know the trustees have once refused to remove the name on the ground that they were not a political body. Wake up, Mount Gambier, and see that the name remains on the stone in honor of the best Premier this State has had. Mr. Price is no friend of mine, any more than the Premiers of the past have been, but this policy is the thing we all need, and I think he will not sell it for money or for title. We want advance in the true sense, not shams and bogies. Mr. Pick said Mr. Price may only be Premier for a few months. Quite true, but he might be Premier as long as he pleases, provided, of course, he has health and does his duty to the people.

-I am, &c.,

H. S. Thwaites.

St. Michael’s, July.
The Sydney Morning Herald (N.S.W.)
Date: July 25, 1906
Page Number: 12
A baboon at Bostock and Wombwell's circus attacked one of the attendants, named William Knight, yesterday, inflicting wounds which necessitated attention at the Sydney Hospital. It appears that Knight was removing the baboon to another cage, when the animal attacked him and inflicted severe lacerations on his back. The injured man was attended to by Dr Quaite.
Could this be a Yowie sighting? Perhaps, although baboons walk on all fours whereas Yowies are generally considered to be bipedal. Could the baboon sightings be influenced by the following incident?