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Note: There have been no media-reported Yowie sightings in 2010. The following accounts come from non-Yowie/paranormal websites and forums.
"I have been speaking with Tone, and he is Valid. We all know the location, however I will keep it off the board. Great guy and a realist."
Dean Harrison Founder of Australian Yowie Research (A.Y.R.) Apr 10, 2010 3:03 pm. (
p.s. Location: 12km down Table Lands road (on the left) in Wentworth
Falls. Approx 70 km west of Sydney. Happy "Yowie hunting".
Harrison is the largest single contributor to Healy & Cropper's (2006) The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot - a favourite among Yowie Researchers.
Harrison has made similar claims of encountering violent Yowies. See here.
Apr 9 - Yowie Research Methodology - Folklore in Action
Mar 22 - Word Association Thread #4

Something that stops drivers from stopping on The NARRABRi to COONABARABRAN road of a night ,to rest or even change a flat tyre.
I cut sleepers in the area, found a foot print (only one) 18 inches long and about 8 inches wide,you tell me?

Have my own ideas.
Jul 2 - Strange childhood (and adult) fears...?

There are a couple of really odd things that I was terrified of as a child. I thought I'd find out if anyone else had any.

Mine: Yowies. The Australian version of the sasquatch or bigfoot. My Dad met a crazy guy who called himself a yowie hunter when I was about nine. After half an hour with him I was terrified of the dark and petrified that a yowie would eat me if i left the window open.
Jul 2 - Tilliga Forest
"Blake M":

used to go on trips from wodonga to brisbane with my step dad in his truck and i remember him telling me about the yowie. it might have been near that forest (dont know where tilliga is) that he told me about them. he said that during the day they turn to stone,;)
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Tony Mehmed:
Yowie Encounter Blue Mts NSW (April 9, 2010)
Follow Up from 9th of April 2010
Aug 29 - the most scary swag moment (up to a few 100 stories) DONT READ BEFORE BED LOL

But this is the biggest experience i had. Well on the station wer had a bloke who according to him was an accredited yowie hunter... He would take off into the scrub with a syringe full of god knows what on the end of a long stick so he could get one alive. Well on the property there was a bend in the river called the spook hole.. it was wekk known dogs and horses wouldnt stay overnight. Back in the old days a whole group of aboriginals wer rouded up and pushed into the river those that didnt drown wer shot or trampled. Anyway the yowie hunter would sit there and describe things ant tell stories with such conviction he could make anyone belive lol but we would usualy have a laugh after he left. One day he was telling us how he was down there at the spook hole at night checking his cod lines with his pack of about 15 inbread looking dogs. He said how his dogs kept getting adgitated and biting each other, he would keep hearing breaking branches (which other hunters have admitied to hearing down there along with mock charges from something) He said he got to a spot along the river where he got hit with this smell, not like a dead animal or a fox etc but this foul off dirty musty smell that he took his time describing and gave a very detailed description. As this smell hit him all his dogs stopped dead in there tracks and nothing he could do would make them go any further. He said it was like somthing was right on top of him. Anyway after he left we laughed it off and the guy i was with saod his dogs always went spaz when he was down there pigging and he had herd the breaking branches and charges himself. I was baiting a pig trap down there so about a week later im down there just before dawn to check it and re bait it, as somthing was eating the grain but geting out of the trap. Id park on the track and walk in so poaches wouldnt know where it was. I had a bucket of grain in one hand and the 30/30 in the other as they are sometimes on the outside of the trap. SO i get there re bait it re set it and start walking back towards the ute. No problems although i am alwasy happy to get back to the ute when i was down there walking arround. I open the door, put the 30/30 on the passenger seat, the empty bucket on the back, all still fine, get into the ute shut the door and wind down the window. As that window goes down i get a face full of this smell. Exactly what he had described !!! so strong it was like it was at the window breathing on me when 2seconds before there was no smell !!!! The hair on the back of my neck stood up, i felt sick and all i could think was F**K YOU richo as i started the car up and got the hell out of there as fast as i bloody could !!!!!

I knew a few of the bouncers from the Manhattan in the late 80's and early '90's. All steroid munching meatheads who loved to beat people up. Not very pleasant people. One is now a professional yowie hunter and even makes documentaries about his expeditions around the world to try and find them. He has also been attacked by yowies twice and even found 3000 year old Egyptian markings in the Blue Mountains. Need I explain more.
Sept 4 - Jack Darling hurt/fights and their causes
Sept 5 - Suzuki Carry Van

North of me is the Piliga Forest that the Newell Highway passes through for over 100kms. It is a lonely monotonous trip and there are Aboriginal myths of yowies and min-mins which continue even today.
Some interstate truck drivers are very nervous about even travelling through there especially at night. One nervous driver got a blow out at night and had to stop and put on the spare wheel. One of his mates Brett, saw him and decided to have some harmless fun. He pulled up down the road and snuck back to scare his mate.
Bad move.
By the time Brett snuck back the spare tyre was fitted and there was just the picking up of the flat, the jack and wheel brace.
Brett let out a deep yowie howl and his mate jumped straight in the truck and took off at high speed.
Brett had to walk back to his truck, then drive back and pick up all the bits left behind by his mate.
Brett didn't catch up to him until he got to Adelaide, some 1500kms away.

The bloke who told me was pissing himself laughing while telling the story and I have to admitt I have a hard time keeping a straight face.
Harmless fun!
Sept 20 - Paul Willis on 10 Years of Catalyst
Have there been any ‘out there’ stories?
We found someone who was an expert in tree damage and he came out with us. But it didn’t matter what we produced, there was no way we were going to convince these guys that what they were looking at was anything other than trees that had been attacked by bunyips. The tree expert said the marks were made by yellow-tailed black cockatoos digging out worms.
Yowie (13/06/2002)
There was a time I was asked to go investigate a series of Yowie sightings, or bunyip sightings in the Blue Mountains. Now, you must remember I was voted Australian Skeptic of the Year for two years in a row, mostly for my work against Creationism. So, we went out to the Blue Mountains. Some people said that while they’d never actually seen a bunyip, there was evidence they were running around. So they took me out to bite marks on trees and they were saying these could only have been made by a Yowie biting into the tree.
Reporter Paul Willis goes into the Blue Mountains near Sydney to meet Neil, a high school teacher who claims to have had several hundred encounters with a large bipedal ape like creature in the bush, and he’s not alone; many of his neighbours have seen it too. So far there is a distinct lack of scientific evidence that such a creature exists, Paul wants to find out just what’s going on?

Big Hairy Men have been seen all around the world. They go by the name of Sasquatch, Yeti and Bigfoot. In Australia, it’s the Yowie that terrorises people in the bush. ‘Catalyst’ looks at what’s behind these mysterious sightings. Does the yowie really exist or is it a hoax? Are people imagining things or is it a case of mistaken identity?
We canvas all the options, assess the evidence and get to the bottom of the Mystery of the Yowie. Could it be there really is a large creature, as yet unknown to science roaming through the bush? Is it a case of mistaken identity, or a hoax? Or is there something going on in our minds that creates a monster from bits and pieces of unexplained information? We explore the Mystery of the Yowie.
Narration: Just outside Sydney there have been reports of encounters with human-like creatures otherwise unknown to science.
Neil: It’s around 2.1 metres. It has a long thick coat, very dark and the face is largely hairless, very deep skin folds.

Narration: So far there is no hard evidence, no specimens, no bones, but plenty of sightings. Yeti, Yowie, Bigfoot, all over the world there are stories of large hairy human like creatures roaming through the wilderness. But what’s behind these mysterious sightings? In Australia, Big Hairy Men are known as yowies. Here in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Neil, claims to have had over 300 encounters with Yowies over the last decade. Many of his neighbours have had encounters too.
Neil: The closest I’ve been is probably about 6 feet. At the time I wasn’t even aware it was there
Narration: Neil and a friend having heard the sound of footsteps in the bush decided to follow it
Neil: When I got close to where I thought it was last standing, I turned to Robert and said, I think it’s somewhere around here, just be careful I'm going to turn the light on and see what happens. So I walked down into the swamp, turned on the light and without knowing it the thing had been so close to me, and it stood up directly to the front of me and slightly to the side, leant towards me and just roared in my face. The only thing I really remember was the basic outline, it’s height, the red eyes, because I had the torch shining at it, or above it’s head and it was black skinned.
Narration: Neil and his neighbours have had hundreds of encounters with Yowies and gone looking for evidence of their movements. He claims these deep gouges are made by yowies biting into trees in search of grubs. (short discussion re tree bites). And it’s not just Australians who are reporting encounters with Wild Men and Women. Dr Hemut Loofs-Wissowa is an anthropologist who’s catalogued similar reports from around the world, particularly Vietnam and Laos.
Dr Hemut Loofs-Wissowa: I came across this wild man phenomena there and I eventually found out it was really a worldwide phenomena.
Narration: This is a drawing of a wild man supposedly found in Vietnam. When Helmut showed it to villagers in Laos, they identified the drawing as a creature they’d seen in their forests. Helmut believes these creatures are Neanderthal men living in remote areas and thinks they’re being dismissed too readily.
Dr Hemut Loofs-Wissowa: You say you’ve seen one you’re lying, you must be lying because they don’t exist
Narration: Not everyone is so sceptical. Anthropologist Alan Thorne thinks mavericks like Helmut are crucial to the progress of science.
Alan Thorne: It’s the person who goes outside the envelope who produces the goods. Lots of people do and fail and as we look back in science we see these magical people who at the time were mavericks, looney tunes, but when they come up with the goods and prove the theory we say fantastic.
Narration: But maverick or not neither Helmut or Neil or anyone else for that matter has come up with incontrovertible physical evidence that Yowies exist. Here’s Neil’s evidence, does it constitute hard data.
Neil: This is an original footprint from the one we call Fatfoot….
Narration: But he admits the evidence he has collected so far is ambiguous, so why is there nothing more concrete?
Neil: It’s difficult for me to explain cos I have a problem with that too I find it disappointing that we don’t find more of it….
What about the bite marks? Don’t they constitute evidence?
Narration: We took Richard Turner, specialist in the damage various animals do to trees, to have a look at the bite marks with Neil.
Paul Willis (Reporter): What do you think about it
Richard Turner: This to me is quite clearly a track from a bulls Eye borer that’s been ripped open by a yellow tailed black cockatoo.
Neil: I find it hard to believe that a yellow tailed black cockatoo could do this….
Narration: One problem for Neil with the black cockatoo theory is he’s convinced that some of these marks were made at night.
Neil: Unless the black cockatoo is nocturnal, I would suggest another predator is going after these grubs.
Richard Turner: In my experience they are diurnal, they go to roost at night. Well the midnight theory is interesting.
Narration: Perhaps there’s another explanation for experiences with mysterious monsters, perhaps it’s a case of mistaken identity. If these people come to you and tell you we have seen these creatures why should you not believe them.
Bill Von Hippel: Eye witnesses in general are very fallible; they are doing their best to tell us what they really saw but we know that people’s memories and their perceptions are quite fallible.
Narration: Psychologist believe that when we get fleeting glimpses of something, our mind fills in the gaps, what we interpret it to be is moulded by our expectations.
Bill Von Hippel: If people have an expectation that it’s out there be it ambiguous, blurry, seen at night or very fast moving, but that tiny little bit of something people can latch onto and they can end up seeing things in very different ways then it was.
Narration: But Neil is not convinced by this explanation.
Neil: Well for the vast number of encounters we’ve had … … we’re not imagining this thing.
Narration: So whether these creatures are really roaming through the bush remains to be seen, but science will continue to demand proof before accepting the claims. But Alan Thorne warns against being too sceptical.
Alan Thorne: There in the totally searched out Blue Mountains west of Sydney there suddenly pops up the Wollombi Pine, a totally new family of trees I think. So it’s a warning we don’t know everything and maybe there’s still quite a lot of surprises out there and if those turn out to be hairy men then so be it.

Yowie Researcher, Neil Frost (right), with peer Bigfoot Researcher, Joan Ocean (left).

According to Ocean:

Did you know that Sasquatch can:




Project Their Voice

Create Infrasound that affects the environment

De-materialize at will, or cause you to have an experience of lost time so you think they de-materialized.

Travel 300 miles a day on foot.

Live in well-lighted underground facilities

Contact and live with Star People

Tell us about our past and our future.

Have lived here longer than the human race.



Frost, who claims hundreds of Yowie encounters since the 1980s and even claims to have photographs of the Yowie to back up his claims:


Oct 11 - I had an encounter with what i think was a yowie! and i was straight as a judge!!
I really wanna share this with you guys as i think your all pretty open minded and lots of ya have spent a lot of time out in the bush. I want your guys opinions on what happend, im sure it was no animal i have encountered before and i have spent lots and lots of time out camping and such.
I was traveling to a party in the watagan forest area of NSW on friday night round about 10-11pm i think. I had gotten hopelessly lost, due to me not following the directions and tring to follow a previous saved spot on my gps. I was somewhere near here i think [Note: Map link is not functional. Location given as Burma Rd, Watagan State Forest] .

I was driving down a small track in my troopcarrier with just me and the dog in the car. it really was a small rough track with trees touching both sides of the car and rough ass 4wd only kind of track. I was traveling slow in 1st or 2nd gear low range as i had a trailer on the back with the genny and stuff in it and i didnt want to bounce it round too much. As i got to the bottom of the track (an intersection) the dog started barking. I assumed she needed to pee as we had been traveling a while and i needed to pee too. I stopped at the intersection and turned off the car leaving the lights on. The dog had no intrest in peeing and was barking like a nut case into the bush ahead of me, i did'nt really take too much outa her behaviour as she is only 6 months old and still quite a puppy. i was stood in the middle of the track peein on the road when i heard a branch break in the scrub just in front of me. It was a big branch by the sound of it not a little twig. Sounded like at least 20mm round kinda noise. then after only maybe 10 second i heard a really large percussion type thud. i can only describe this like someone had dropped a large rock or log onto the ground. I then realised summat big was in the scrub just infront of me and put my cock away LOL. I then heard another two large thuds directly in succession. i was consentrating on the scrub really hard by this point, but it was very dark with the headlight of the troopy pointing off the the other side and the moon covered by cloud. I then saw something move, now it was really dark and i didnt see it really at all, but something big moved in the scrub only about 5-6 meters ahead of me. It was at least two feet taller than me. and i could kinda see it was an upright kind of shape. I then realised it had moved kinda diagnally towards me, not away, and i realised i was in danger whatever it was. i picked up the dog threw it in the troopy and took off.

Now some of you guys know me, and i can tell you all i have spent plenty of time out in the bush doing hillbilly kinda shiz, i have never encountered anything like this and im not easily spooked. When it moved there was no way it was a four legged animal. it was upright and big. The shape i saw move, i think i couldnt see the head it was just the shoulders maybe. I would estimate it to me maybe 3-4 feet wide and maybe 8 feet high. It was fkn big.

As i drove away i went over the whole thing in my head, Kinda in disbelief. But i have come to the conclusion it wasnt a kangaroo, it wasnt a feral bull, cow or horse no way was it a pig or goat and it was way too big to be human. I honestly cant come up with anything other thn a yowie.

The more i think of it the more i think i was very lucky in this encounter whatever this animal was. i had driven the troopy towards it for a few mins so it wasnt scared of that. then the dog and i had gotten out of the car with the dog going absoulutly ballictic at it (even though she is only 6 months she is pretty big, dane cross mastif hunting dog) and it still hadnt taken off, then it moved towards me! Seems as though the whole thud thing could have been a teritorial thing and i was really lucky it didnt charge out the scrub and attack me.

i was so excited driving away thinking about what i had just encountered, then i realised just how lucky i think i was too. the size of it i would have been no match for it at all it could have seriously hurt or even killed me i think..

Anyhoo, just letting you know i was straight as and have no real mental issues at all. this was a genuine encounter of somthing i think was a yowie. Let me know what your guys thoughts are. Honestly every on i have told thinks i was on a bender or have lost the plot LOL.
"tks" (Oct 12): sounds to me like it might be a deer, ive hunted deer alot and if they cant quite get what you are or at night they will stamp there front foot at you. even with the dog deer at night wont be that frightened
"tks" (Oct 14): deer are very very stupid in the dark. sometimes when im spotlighting a property for rabbits and foxes we see the odd deer. you can nearlly drive up close enough to touch them, and thats deer that have hunting pressure.
Glimpsing an upright-like shape in the scrub at night in very dark conditions, the above statement from "Hillbilly" contains more information than most modern Yowie reports but did he really encounter a Yowie?
"paradox" (Oct 11): i grew up in the watagans.. large wallaroos make a very distinctive thudding sound with their feet on the earth & some of the males are absolutely huge. don't take this the wrong way but theres nothing in your report that makes me think it's anything but... as in it sounds exactly like what i would expect if it were a big wallaroo.. they have very bad eyesight & are very easily disoriented when they are spooked, which would explain why it went towards you in the beginning, they do it all the time (hence so much road kill, if you've ever driven a lot on country roads you'll know they very often just jump straight towards you in a ridiculous manner when they're disoriented, you can't help but think they must be retarded..) i like to think i'm an open minded person with a healthy respect for the unknown but i think you're letting your imagination get away on you bro.. no offense.
edit.. no emu's around the watagans these days either, but i've heard that huge thud a lot from big-ass wallaroos... very distinctive & it's freaked me a little in the past before i realized what it was..
1. Yowie eye-shine (just left of centre screen), and
2. The face of a Yowie.

The eye-shine photo, though purported to be of a Yowie standing behind a small tree, are the same dimensions as a common brush-tailed possum sitting in the small tree.
Is it possible to mistake a common bush-tailed possum for a large hairy man?
You’d be surprised at what Yowie Researchers consider to be evidence…
With the photo of the alleged Yowie’s face, however, if you squint really hard and twist your head it still reveals nothing. Followers of America’s Bigfoot refer to photos like this as “blobsquatch” - a shape that vaguely resembles a Sasquatch. Here at Yowieocalypse, Australia, we refer to photos like Frost’s "Yowie eyeshine" and “Yowie face” as
Sept 26 - The truth is out there
MATTHEW Jones was totally unprepared for what he saw as he stood in his garage in suburban Canberra in October last year.

Packing boxes for a house move, he was confronted by a stocky, hairy monster standing in the corner of the garage staring at him.

The creature, according to James, was a juvenile covered in hair, with long arms that almost touched the ground.

"It was inquisitive about what I was doing," he said. "It was definitely trying to communicate with me."

At the time, James had no idea what the creature could be. A friend later told him it could be a yowie - the creature described in the newly-published Something Is Out There as "the big daddy of all Australian mystery monsters".

It is, according to the book about the paranormal, the Aussie cousin of North America's Bigfoot, the Himalayan Yeti and the Abominable Snowman.

The Aussie monster is as elusive as he is controversial, often seen but never photographed, according to the book's authors Julie Miller and Grant Osborn. They claim the yowie is an important part of folklore, making numerous appearances in the Dreamtime legends.

The yowie is most often described as a solitary, nocturnal creature with a frightful growl.
If you are chased, the best thing to do is jump into a waterhole, because they cannot wet their feet.

The book claims that there have been almost 10,000 reported yowie sightings during the past 200 years.

Something Is Out There also lists other Aussie monsters, including a mega shark, giant lizards, panthers on the prowl and phantom kangaroos.

The authors have divided their book into three parts: UFOlogy, cryptozoology (the search for bizarre creatures) and the general supernatural.

As they admit, the paranormal is "generally viewed through the prism of pseudoscience". It lurks in the murky corners on the borderline of accepted knowledge.

Further information from the book below. Note the newspaper article misquoted the name of the alleged Yowie witness - it should read "Mathew James".

As a 'sensitive' and medium, James believes the hairy figure he saw was a transcendental being, a messenger or harbinger from another realm. "It spoke my name, psychologically," James explains. "There was an understanding between the two of us."

James' case is unusual in that it happened in a confined space, well away from a wilderness area. The incident occurred in Bonython, about 15 kilometres from the Brindabella Ranges ... and while it is feasible the creature may have just ambled off course, its presence in suburbia only makes sense if yowies possess supernatural powers.

Miller & Osbourn (2010) Something is Out There pp 238

Oct 11 - Re: New Aussie Book about Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, etc


I think the yowie is complete bullshit, there was an incident at west burleigh where high school guys claimed to have seen the yowie in the late 1970s, early 1980s and it got front page coverage in the gold coast bulletin with photos showing how scared they were and swearing to god that they were telling the truth.

well about 5 years later i met a woman who was good friends with these guys and she knew the truth, it was all fabricated for the purpose of getting it on with the chicks, they were famous and took the chicks out there at night to see if they could see one again, it was scarey,lol.

there were a few "yowie babies" concieved during these yowie hunting trips!

p.s. Location: 12km down Table Lands road (on the left) in Wentworth Falls. Approx 70 km west of Sydney.

Happy "Yowie Hunting".
Update: This particular Yowie Researcher has closed his account in March, 2010 and is seemingly no longer involved in the search for the Yowie.